3 Reasons There’s Ice Forming on Your Heat Pump

Cedar Park, TX still has its share of cold weather this time of year, and it’s natural to assume that ice will form on the outdoor part of your heat pump just like it does everywhere else. In point of fact, however, ice on the heat pump can be a big problem, and it might not be the weather that’s to blame. If the ice seems excessive or you witness a corresponding loss of heat or similar problem accompanying its appearance, you should shut off your system and call in a trained professional right away. Here are three reasons there’s ice forming on your heat pump, most of which need a technician to correct.

1. Broken Defroster

Modern heat pumps come equipped with defrosters to melt the ice that forms on their surface. If the defroster goes down, ice will form up, interfering with the heating and cooling process. The system will then struggle to heat and cool your home efficiently, and the strain will eventually lead to a serious breakdown if the defroster isn’t fixed.

2. Lost Refrigerant

The refrigerant in the system travels through a closed-loop, alternately heating and cooling the air at different stages of the process. When it leaks, frost forms on the evaporator coil (which is located in the outdoor part of the unit) which interferes with the heat pump doing its job. Again, the system will work harder to do its job, raising your monthly heating bills and the risk of a further breakdown in equal measures.

3. Outside Factors

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the heat pump at all, but with things outside of the system. Snow build-up around the outdoor unit can contribute to ice formation, as can ice that melts in a thaw and then refreezes when the temperature drops again. Keep your system clear of snow and wipe off any meltwater that forms during a thaw.

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