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Air Purification in Round Rock, TX

Modern research shows us that threats to your lungs, skin, and comfort are all far more present in the air in our homes, rather than air from outdoors. If you struggle with frequent allergies or the other common signs of bad indoor air, then you’re not alone—it’s a problem every homeowner in Williamson County faces. But the experts at Intelligent Air Services have the leading solutions you’ve been seeking with our top quality air purification systems!

Our indoor air quality technicians and product specialists proudly serve home and business owners in Round Rock and the surrounding areas. We can help you by offering superior products and a wide range of support solutions, from installation to repair.

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Leading Air Purifiers in Round Rock, Texas

Each type of indoor air quality system is designed to address particular challenges and types of pollution, and air purifiers and cleaners are no exception to this. To feel and see the best results it is imperative that the right system is selected, and that the system is installed with precision. At Intelligent Air Services our team offers a wide range of systems, and our experts can assist you in choosing the most effective option for your needs. Our air purification options in Round Rock include:

Electronic Air Cleaner Systems

Electronic air cleaners work much in the same way as an HVAC air filter but offer a far greater degree of filtration that is capable of attracting and filtering a much wider range of common airborne pollutants. Utilizing ionization, the filter draws in your cycled home air and emits a charge that will ionize common pollutants like dust, pet dander, pollen, and similar particles. This allows the system to draw unwanted particles into the filtration system where it is then separated from your air and removed from your home’s cycle, resulting in cleaner, healthier and better-smelling home air.

UV Air Purifiers in Round Rock, TX

Air cleaners are highly effective at removing inorganic compounds, but they fall short when it comes to mold spores, bacteria, and pathogens. This is where a UV air purifier can offer a more thorough result! By utilizing powerful but safe UV-C wavelength radiation an air purifier will not simply separate, but also eradicate organic materials. This makes the system ideal for handling mold and viruses, as well as controlling musty odors left by VOCs and cooking materials.

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Tired of dealing with a dusty and dirty home, or looking for the best way to minimize allergies and asthma in your Round Rock home? Our indoor air quality experts offer a winning combination of our extensive experience and training in addition to cutting-edge IAQ products to ensure all of your clean air needs are met.

The indoor air quality experts at Intelligent Air Services offer quality installation, replacement, and repair of indoor air quality systems throughout the Austin, TX area. Call us at 512-323-2500!

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