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Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning in Austin, TX by Intelligent Air Services

Every homeowner living in Texas understands just how important his or her air conditioning system really is. However, too few homeowners have a good working knowledge of all the air conditioning systems available to them. This is understandable, as there are quite a few. However, if you plan on investing in a new air conditioner, it is a very good idea to contact a trained professional and to explore your options. Only then can you choose your system with confidence. One great system you may not be familiar with, but which is well worth your consideration, is ductless air conditioning. A ductless air conditioner allows anyone and everyone to enjoy the outstanding comfort of central AC, and all without the need for ductwork.

The ductless air conditioning experts at Intelligent Air Services offer quality installation, replacement and repair services throughout the Austin, TX area.

Who Should Consider a Ductless Air Conditioner in Austin, TX?

There is no such thing as an air conditioning system that is right for everyone. However, if you do your research you will certainly find that there is one that fits your needs and circumstances better than the rest. In many cases, a ductless AC fits the bill. There are a lot of reasons to consider using a ductless mini split . First of all, they clearly require not ductwork in order to cool your home during the hottest days of summer. This is thanks to their unique design. Ductless air conditioners feature an outdoor compressor, like other models. The difference, though, is that a ductless split system uses individual, wall mounted blowers in order to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. In doing so, a ductless air conditioner can benefit you in many ways.

First of all, leaky air ducts can account for a lot of energy loss in your home, driving up utility bills. By eliminating the need for ductwork, a ductless AC can help you save energy. Plus, a ductless mini split is much less arduous an installation than a ducted system. Do you suffer from allergies? You’ll never have to worry about air ducts circulating pollutants throughout your home when you opt for a ductless air conditioner. Oh, and did we mention that you can use the very same system to heat your home during the colder season? With a ductless heating and air conditioning system you can enjoy exceptional, convenient comfort all year long.

Call Intelligent Air Services for Ductless Air Conditioning in Austin, TX

If you need a ductless AC installation or replacement, or you just want to schedule ductless split system maintenance or emergency ductless mini split repair, you can count on the professional ductless air conditioning technicians at Intelligent Air Services. We have plenty of experience with ductless air conditioners, and we are happy to care for yours. Contact us today if you have any questions about ductless air conditioning systems. Our staff has the information you need to determine if going ductless is right for your home.

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