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Austin, TX Electric Furnaces by Intelligent Air Services

A lot of homeowners across the country depend on furnaces to heat their homes. While the higher cost of electricity, compared to natural gas, may lead some to believe that gas is the way to go, today’s electric furnaces have become so efficient that they are really able to shore up much of the cost gap. A new, highly efficient electric furnace can outdo an older, outdated gas model in the efficiency department. Of course, the only way to determine if an electric furnace is the right option for heating your home is to schedule your services with a skilled  electric furnace professional. To do so, you need only call Intelligent Air Services.

The electric furnace experts at Intelligent Air Services offer quality installation, replacement and repair of heating systems throughout the Austin, TX area.

Benefits of Using an Electric Furnace in Austin, TX

The greatest benefit of electric furnaces for many homeowners is the ubiquity of their power source. When you use only electricity to heat your home you won’t have to worry about access to natural gas. You also won’t have to worry about the potential dangers that a natural gas leak or CO exposure can lead to. Regardless of the type of heater you use, of course, keep in mind that only a qualified technician can service your system. Contact our electric furnace specialists today to learn more about why an electric furnace may be right for you.

Electric Furnace Installation and Replacement in Austin, TX

When you purchase a great electric furnace you are on your way to great comfort throughout the heating season. Not so fast, though: remember that the only way you can get the best performance that your heater has to offer is with a professional electric furnace installation. When you work with a licensed electric furnace technician, you’ll know that your new heating system is sized properly and expertly installed for maximum performance levels.

Of course, no heater is going to last forever. If you are tired of ever increasing energy bills and poor performance quality from your old, ineffective electric heater, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today. We’ll gladly work with you to ensure that you get the electric furnace replacement that you’ve dreamed of.

Electric Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Austin, TX

There are many high quality electric furnaces out there, but not one of them is perfect. All heating systems have their occasional problems, and an electric furnace is no different. Just remember that prompt electric furnace repair is the best way to resolve issues with your furnace completely. Don’t wait until problems spiral out of control to contact electric furnace repair technician.

As far as keeping your electric furnace repair needs to a minimum, nothing beats routine electric furnace maintenance. Don’t let your furnace slip into disarray. You just have to give us a call and schedule your electric furnace maintenance with one of our skilled professionals. This will help to minimize the risk of problems developing.

Contact Intelligent Air Services for more information about electric furnaces in Austin, TX.

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