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Heating Repair Services in Austin

Reliable Heat Pump, Geothermal System, & Furnace Repair in Texas

Although the Longhorn state isn’t known for cold weather, one would be surprised to know that Austin gets its fair share of winter. Don’t be caught off guard this season! If your heating system isn’t up to par, you need to call the experts at Intelligent Air Services.

We understand the importance of keeping your family warm and comfortable during the cold months in Texas. Our team of certified and experienced HVAC technicians can diagnose and repair any heating issue, whether it be your furnace, heat pump, or geothermal system.

The HVAC repair technicians at Intelligent Air Services offer quality heating services throughout the Austin, TX area. Contact us today to schedule your heating repair!

When to Schedule Professional Heating Repair in Austin

When it comes to HVAC repair services, you really need to act quickly. The longer you wait to contact an HVAC repair technician, the greater the risk of serious damage to your heating and cooling system.

If you notice any of the following issues, contact Intelligent Air Services right away:

  • A sudden and dramatic increase in heating costs
  • Random cold spots and uneven heating throughout the property
  • Banging, grinding sounds
  • Foul smells like gasoline

Don’t let minor issues with your heater turn into full-fledged comfort nightmares. The sooner you realize any of these issues, the sooner you should call the experts.

Contact us today to schedule your heating system repair appointment in Austin.

Heating System Repair in Austin

With almost a decade of experience under our belt, there is nothing we can’t fix. We repair all makes and models of heating equipment including:

  • Gas & Electric FurnacesNot sure if your furnace is producing heat? Has your furnace stopped heating as quickly and efficiently as before? If so, there may be an issue.
  • Heat Pumps An energy-efficient furnace alternative, there are lots of components and mechanisms that are susceptible to breakdowns. When this occurs, give us a call.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps – Although geothermal heat pumps are very low-maintenance, breakdowns can happen. Request a repair estimate from Intelligent Air Services!
  • Ductless Heating – Ductless heating systems are an efficient way to heat your home since they don’t require any ductwork. However, sometimes your ductless HVAC unit doesn’t behave the way it’s supposed to. Call us when it starts acting up!

Don’t get stuck living in a cold house when your heating system decides to call it quits.

Call our HVAC technicians for quick and reliable heating system repair in Austin. Dial 512-323-2500 today!

Intelligent Air Services—Expert Heating System Repair in Austin, TX

You can count on our team to complete your heating repairs properly. There will be no guesswork involved when we diagnose and resolve the problems plaguing your heating system. Whatever the problem is, no matter how minor or severe, the heating repair technicians at Intelligent Air Services have the skill and training to get the job done right.

Contact us today to schedule heat pump, furnace, or other heating system repair services in Austin, TX!

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