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Austin, TX Dehumidifiers by Intelligent Air Services

There needs to be some humidity in the air in order for us to feel comfortable. However, it is possible for the air in your home to become overly humid. When this happens, you will notice a stark drop off in your comfort, and other problems are very likely to arise. Before you accept an excessively humid home as your fate, contact the Austin, TX dehumidifier experts at Intelligent Air Services. We’ll make sure that you have all the information you need to determine if a humidifier is the right move for your home. Let us know if you think that the air in your living space is just too dry. We are familiar with a great selection of dehumidifiers, and we promise to find the best dehumidifier for your needs.

The Austin indoor air quality experts at Intelligent Air Services offer quality installation, replacement and repair of dehumidifiers throughout the area.

Benefits of Dehumidifiers in Austin, TX

Why, you may ask, would anyone be concerned about a bit of extra moisture in the air? Well, overly humid air can actually cause a fair amount of trouble around the house, as well as taking a serious toll on your comfort. With a whole house dehumidifier, you can prevent this from happening. Of course, in order to do so you must first realize that you need a new dehumidifier to begin with. Here are a few warning signs that can tip you off to the fact that a dehumidifier is needed.

First of all, because humid air retains heat better than dry air, you may notice that areas of your home are very stuffy and uncomfortable. A dehumidifier can remove that excess moisture, allowing you to live in greater comfort. You may also feel stickiness on surfaces in your home or on the floors.

Condensation is another good sign that there is too much humidity in the air. If you notice that condensation always builds up on your windows, pipes or any other surface, excess humidity is the culprit. You may even find that there are damp spots on your carpeting or that there are water stains on your wallpaper. If your wallpaper is falling away from the walls it may also be due to high humidity levels.

A more troubling sign that your air is too humid is the growth of mold throughout your home. Mold, viruses and bacteria can really thrive in a humid environment. They can also spread throughout your home quite quickly. This is problem that is best to avoid altogether. If you are afraid that there is too much humidity in your air, acting quickly and consulting a professional about a dehumidifier is important.

Call Intelligent Air Services for Dehumidifiers in Austin, TX

Whether you need dehumidifier repair, maintenance or a brand new installation, we’re the company to call. Our dehumidifier technicians are happy to help find the best dehumidifier for your needs and preferences. Contact us today to discuss your options and potential need for a dehumidifier.

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