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GPS Indoor Air Quality

GPS Indoor Air Quality Systems in Austin, TX

Indoor air quality plays as much of a role in the comfort of your Austin, TX home as air conditioning and heating does. While HVAC systems regulate control of the temperature, IAQ products handle such issues as the amount of dust in the air or the presence of biological contaminants. Traditional forms of indoor air quality include electronic air filters and dehumidifiers, but with the advance of new technology comes new ways to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Here at Intelligent Air Services, we advocate the use of GPS indoor air quality systems, which make use of the latest technology to keep your home clean and comfortable. They also offer commercial indoor air quality services for Austin, TX companies that need to keep their work environment clean. Call our team today and let us show you your options.

Residential Services Are a Snap

Residential households throughout the Austin, TX area routinely suffer from high amounts of dust and particles in the air. Germs and bacteria are often a concern too, especially in the spring when allergens can make sensitive family members miserable. GPS carries a full line of products designed to remove dust and other contaminants from your home, and thanks to their unique features, it might be the best household purchase you ever make.

GPS products utilize advanced plasma air purification technologies: using an electrical field to break down harmful components in the air and clean the atmosphere without creating any waste or byproducts. That places them years ahead of the competition, and allows your home to feel the difference.

Commercial Properties Rely on Clean Air

As important as clean air is to residences, commercial properties rely on them even more. This is true in every business—employees need clean air, as do key business components such as computers—but some businesses require fastidiously clean environments to perform their work. For instance, food preparation services must comply with health codes, while biochemical companies and research laboratories require sterile environments to conduct their business.

Whether you need such conditions maintained or just want a clean environment for your employees to operate, GPS has the right technology for your business. And when installed by our team of experts, you can rest assured that the IAQ device will perform exactly the way you need it to every time.

We Stand by GPS Products

At Intelligent Air Services, we’re firm believers in GPS’s indoor air quality products because we know how well they work. Their innovative plasma technology provides comprehensive IAQ service for residences and businesses alike, and has proven eminently reliable as well. Maintenance and repair calls are drastically reduced with the use of GPS systems, and with a proper installation service, you can rely on your new system for all of your needs.

That’s why we are so proud to use GPS products as part of our service. We can perform installations in your residential or commercial structure with experience and pride, and we will be there in the rare instance where further work needs to be done on them. Call us today to get the process started!

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