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Austin Custom Wine Cellar Services

If you’re a wine lover or you like entertaining, few additions to your home can be more rewarding than installing a wine cellar on your property. A wine cellar is the perfect place to keep your collection, no matter how small or large you need it to be to keep your wine in perfect condition.

Intelligent Air Services has experience installing wine cellars on new construction properties as well as converting existing spaces in your Austin-area home to serve as a wine cellar. Wine cellars require precise temperature and humidity control, which our experts can accomplish. Even after your installation, we will remain on call for wine cellar maintenance and repairs to keep your collection in pristine condition.

Intelligent Air Services is ready to take your wine collection to the next level—call 512-323-2500 today for wine cellar services in Austin and surrounding areas.

Look to Us for New Wine Cellar Installations in Austin

Repairs are one thing, but if you want to install an entirely new wine cellar in your home, then you need to rely on the experts. That starts with planning: making the best use of the space available and ensuring that climate control in the area stays exactly, precisely what you need it to be. It may also involve adding space on to your Austin-area home.  When you call a trained wine cellar expert from Intelligent Air Services, the better your wine cellar will be and the less chance you’ll have of running into trouble further down the line. We have extensive experience with wine cellar installation, so trust us to make your unique vision come true! Contact us to get started.

Wine Cellar Repair Experts

To keep your collection in pristine condition, having the right balance of temperature and humidity is key. If you are experiencing issues with your Austin-area home’s wine cellar, Intelligent Air Services can help resolve it! Our experts are trained in maintaining the perfect air quality in your wine cellar and can diagnose the issue and provide a repair quickly.

Call 512-323-2500 now for wine cellar repair in Austin and surrounding areas. 

Austin Wine Cellars Need Maintenance

While proper construction and installation of a wine cellar is important, you need indoor air quality products and dedicated temperature control to maintain your collection. Wine cellars use air conditioners and humidifiers to establish a very precise atmosphere: usually between 45 and 65 degrees and 50 percent and 80 percent humidity. The systems used to keep those conditions require regular maintenance just like any other appliance. That keeps you ahead of any breakdowns that could damage your wine and ensure that you keep the risks of repairs to a minimum. Intelligent Air Services has the personnel to take care of that and can replace any worn components with new ones quite readily.

Protect Your Austin Wine Cellar Every Step of the Way!

Above and beyond their culinary benefits, wine represents an investment. A single bottle can cost a great deal of money, and you want to ensure that it retains that worth for as long as it remains in your Austin wine cellar. Temperature fluctuations can destroy the entire cellar, which means time is of the essence for repairs. That’s why Intelligent Air Services not only constructs and installs wine cellars with an eye on their long-term viability, but we can respond with emergency service to treat those issues, ensuring that our Austin heat doesn’t render your wine undrinkable. Trust us for all of it!

Call 512-323-2500 today or contact us online to learn more about our custom wine cellar installation, replacement, and maintenance services.

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