How Does Fall Maintenance Help My AC?

It may not feel like fall where we are, but the temperatures will soon be cooling down, providing a great opportunity to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning. Your AC has been working hard on a full-time basis for several months; it is only natural that some components may be worn out or in need of adjustment. Scheduling maintenance during the fall means you’ll finish the cooling season with an AC that operates well. And when you schedule maintenance with an Intelligent Air Services technician, you can count on a better, more reliable performance from your system.

What Happens During a Routine Maintenance Appointment?

Here is a general overview of what happens during a routine maintenance appointment with Intelligent Air Services:

  1. Check operating pressures
  2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
  3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  5. Check evaporator superheat
  6. Check blower assembly
  7. Check pressure switch cut off settings
  8. Check electrical lockout circuits
  9. Check to start contactor contacts
  10. Check all wiring and connections
  11. Check thermostat operations
  12. Clean and replace the filter if provided by the customer

What Are the Benefits of Fall Maintenance?

There are several important benefits to scheduling fall maintenance:

  • Increases energy efficiency – a dirty or malfunctioning system is one that is under stress; a system under stress needs extra power to reach the set temperature in your home. When a technician performs maintenance, he/she will thoroughly clean, adjust and lubricate your system as needed, which helps your air conditioner run optimally.
  • Helps prevent repairs – because your system is closely inspected during maintenance, existing and developing problems are detected, allowing for their repair before they can grow into large, costly problems.
  • Extends the lifespan of the system – keeping your system in good working order helps reduce premature aging, extending the life of the system.

Fall offers the perfect opportunity to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning in Austin, TX. Call Intelligent Air Services today and make an appointment with one of our experts.

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