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Common Compressor Problems in Your Air Conditioner

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

The compressor in your air conditioner helps convert the refrigerant gas to a liquid, which then returns to gaseous form in the evaporator. The reversion from liquid to gas pulls heat from the surrounding air, which a fan then blows into your home. But that won’t work unless the gas enters the evaporator in liquid form, which is why the compressor is so important. When it runs into problems, it can impact the whole system, and you need to get it repaired or replaced by a professional as quickly as possible. Our air conditioning service technicians can provide quick and reliable solutions to such an issue, but it helps if you know what some of them are before you pick up the phone.

Here’s a quick list of common compressor problems in your air conditioner:

  • Blown start capacitor. The start capacitor holds an electrical charge that allows the compressor motor to start up when you turn the air conditioner on. If it won’t function, the motor won’t start and the whole system won’t work.
  • Blown motor. A blown compressor motor represents a serious problem, and you may need to replace the entire air conditioner to get it fixed. Even if the system still runs, it may cause the compressor to routinely overheat, which places huge strain on it and may result in a breakdown if left untreated.
  • Electrical issues. A lot of problems with the compressor actually stem from the power source, which means that frayed wiring sand similar electrical problems may be the cause. The good news is that wiring is much less expensive to replace than compressor parts, though electricity is still dangerous in untrained hand and you should always rely on a professional to perform the repairs.

Air conditioning repair services in Austin, TX can be performed by the experts at Intelligent Air Services. We understand the causes of common compressor problems in your air conditioner, and we have the skills and experience to do the job right. If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your air conditioner, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Air Filters vs. UV Germicidal Lights

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Achieving high indoor air quality in your house poses some difficulties in Texas weather. The best way to have better quality air is through increased ventilation: opening up windows and doors to allow fresh outside air in. However, during a Texas summer, this isn’t the best option because of the high heat. You’ll need other tools in your home’s HVAC system to protect your air from pollutants.

In this post, we’ll examine two different solutions to low indoor air quality: air filters and UV germicidal lights. Intelligent Air Services installs both of these, as well as other air filtration systems in Austin, TX. Contact us to schedule an appointment to find out how we can address contamination in your home’s ventilation system.

Air filters and UV germicidal lights address different issues inside your ductwork. Air filters target larger airborne particles that can enter the ventilation system through the return air ducts, while UV germicidal lights eliminate the growth of micro bacteria and other biological contaminants, like mold and fungus, inside ducts.

Air filters

Your air conditioner and heater have air filters, but they are designed to protect the HVAC systems, not cleanse the air. To properly filter out particles of dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and many other irritants, you’ll need a mechanical air filter installed. Depending on the type of filter you put in (MERV filters are the most effective), you can trap particles down to 0.01 microns in size. If dust and dirt are the main concerns for your indoor air quality, a mechanical filter can do a thorough job eliminating them.

UV germicidal lights

Bacterial growth is a different problem altogether. Spores from these contaminates can lead to a variety of ailments, and standard filters cannot stop them all. Filters do not address the source of the problem, either. UV germicidal lights eliminate these bacterial growths using high frequency wavelengths that destroy the cellular material of these contaminants. This kills off the bacteria and keeps it from coming back—and without the need for spray or toxins that will stay in your ducts.

Contact air quality specialists to find out how to remedy the problems inside your ductwork. You might be surprised to find out what has gathered inside your ventilation system. Let these specialists take care of selecting the appropriate measures and installing them so they work correctly.

Intelligent Air Services has extensive experience with treating air in homes. We install air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV germicidal lights, and we also take care of duct sealing and testing. Contact us today to find out what air filtration system in Austin, TX will improve your home’s air quality.

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3 Repairs to Look for Before Air Conditioning Season Arrives

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

With summer rushing toward us, it’s time to make sure our air conditioners are in the right shape to handle Texas heat waves. Part of caring for your air conditioner is scheduling a maintenance session with an HVAC technician to tune it up. The technician will also inspect the AC to look for any repair needs. If any repair problems show up, you must have them taken care of before the summer arrives so your air conditioning will be capable of making it through the season without breaking down or requiring more costly repairs.

At Intelligent Air Services, we provide both superb maintenance and air conditioning repairs in Austin, TX. Call us today, and we’ll look for these repair needs (and more) in your AC so you can arrange to have the work done in time for summer.

  1. Dirty condenser and evaporator coils: The two sets of coils (one indoors, one outdoors) are vital for the heat exchange cycle that removes the heat from inside your home and cools it down. If either coil becomes dirty and grimy, it will impair the absorption and release of heat, restricting your cooling power. Technicians will need to remove the coils and clean them to restore the AC to its best operating condition.
  2. Low refrigerant charge: The chemical refrigerant that moves through the air conditioner to carry out heat exchange does not dissipate under normal conditions. But if leaks should develop, the refrigerant charge (its amount) will drop, leading to iced across the coils, a broken compressor, and no cooling. Professional repairs will seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant to its correct level.
  3. Failing blower motors: If a blower motor loses lubrication or develops dirt, it will eventually burn out and fail. Maintenance will locate motors with too much stress on them. Lubrication and cleaning can sometimes fix the problem; at other times, the whole motor will need replacement.

Start out the summer right with a healthy AC. First schedule your maintenance visit, and then follow through on all the repairs necessary to bolster the air conditioner for a long hot season. Call Intelligent Air Services to sign up for our preventive maintenance agreement, and then trust our skilled technicians to perform the air conditioning repairs in Austin, TX that your system needs to make it a pleasant summer.

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How Would Preventive Maintenance Help My Air Conditioner?

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Spring is the best season to schedule a preventive maintenance visit for your air conditioner so it will be prepared for another Texas summer. This season is a slower one for HVAC technicians, making their scheduling flexible, and you’ll also face less inconvenience from having the AC turned off for the short time necessary to inspect and adjust it.

If you’ve ever wondered what preventive maintenance does for your air conditioner and if it’s actually worth it, we’ll explain how this routine service benefits you. Call Intelligent Air Services today and ask about our AC service in Austin, TX that will keep your cooling system in the best condition for this summer and the summers beyond.

How preventive maintenance helps your AC

  • It reduces future repair needs: This is the “preventive” part of preventive maintenance. One of the main tasks of a maintenance technician is to find out where wear and tear in an air conditioner is threatening to cause malfunctions. The technician can make adjustments, tightenings, and perform necessary cleaning to reduce the stress and prevent a repair need. For more serious issues, the technician can point you toward the smaller repairs you can do now to avoid a larger one in the future.
  • It helps avoid breakdowns: Stop for a moment and think about how much work your air conditioner does during a Texas summer. That sort of strain can break an AC that doesn’t receive regular care—and the break will likely occur on the hottest day of the year, when the system is pushed to its limits. With a thorough tune-up and cleaning in the spring from a maintenance visit, an air conditioning system has a far greater chance of making it through to fall with zero problems.
  • It prevents energy drain and high bills: Even if an AC operating with a malfunction manages to make it through the summer without shutting down, it will need to work harder to properly cool a home. This higher energy drain will mean a spike on your bills. Don’t spend more on keeping your house cool than necessary; have maintenance keep the AC in prime operating shape.

The Intelligent Air Services preventive maintenance agreement is all you need to keep your home comfort systems—air conditioner and heater—working in peak condition throughout the year. We provide more than annual inspections and tune-ups: you’ll receive premium scheduling to jump to the front of the line, no overtime or holiday rates, and a 10% discount for all repairs. For AC service in Austin, TX, make the intelligent choice with Intelligent Air Services.

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