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Why Are SEER Ratings Important in New Air Conditioning Installation?

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Among the many technical stats available for an air conditioning system, one of the most important for a potential owner to understand is SEER, which stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating.” Looking at the SEER for a model will give you a sense about how well the unit converts electrical energy into cooling power, and consequently, how much you might expect to pay on your utility bills to run it.

There are many factors that are important when it comes to choosing a new system for air conditioning installation in Georgetown, TX, but SEER is among the most crucial to grasp. We’ll give a run down on how SEER is calculated and what you need to know about it. For the further help you’ll need for AC installation, contact iNtelligent Air Services today and speak to our air conditioning experts.

What you need to know about SEER

The seasonal energy efficiency rating of an air conditioner is a ratio (expressed as a whole number or number with decimal point) of cooling power to energy consumed. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the AC, and the less expensive it will be to run:

  • SEER = BTUs of cooling / watt-hours of energy… averaged over a season

That SEER is determined over a whole season differentiates it from the single-test EER, energy efficiency rating, which is usually found next to SEER in an air conditioner’s stat list. EER is usually a few numbers lower than SEER.

In order for an air conditioning system to earn the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label for efficiency and environmentally safe operation, it must have 14.5 SEER or more. This is a good lower limit to use when you are searching for a new air conditioner. Some high-efficiency models can score SEER in the low 20s.

SEER isn’t everything

Although SEER is important to know when you are in the market for a new AC, it should never be your sole criterion. An air conditioner can have an astonishing 22 SEER, but that only means it is efficient, not how well it will provide you with cooling. If you end up with an undersized system, poorly installed, the highest SEER rating in the world will go to waste.

For this reason, make sure you have professional installers involved from the start. They will help you find the right unit that balances out SEER with other features. Because the higher SEER air conditioners will cost more, the installers will help you find the most economical way to receive the right comfort for you. Sometimes a lower SEER AC will be the best choice.

To get started with air conditioning installation in Georgetown, TX, contact iNtelligent Air Services. We stay on the cutting edge of the HVAC world and bring the benefits to you.

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What Does the ENERGY STAR Logo Mean on an Air Conditioner?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

When you look over an HVAC system, from an air conditioner to a boiler, you may notice a blue logo on its cabinet with the name ENERGY STAR. This isn’t a commercial brand name: it’s an important notification to you, the consumer, that the unit meets government specifications for saving energy and assisting the environment. When it comes to choosing a new air conditioner system, the ENERGY STAR label is a key qualification that should factor into your decision about which model to have installed in your home.

At Intelligent Air Services, we’re familiar with many different models and brands of ACs, as well as the requirements for one to earn the ENERGY STAR logo. For your new air conditioning installation in Georgetown, TX, trust to our experienced staff to help you navigate the crucial specifications so that you end up with a system that will not only keep you cool, but will maintain lower utility bills as well.

The U.S. ENERGY STAR program

ENERGY STAR (which is always capitalized) is a voluntary program created and managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to guard the environment and help homeowners and businesses save money. The EPA initiated the program in 1992 under the authority of the Clean Air Act to boost the energy performance of products and buildings through a voluntary labeling system that indicates a product that meets standards the EPA sets for energy efficiency.

The minimum requirements for the ENERGY STAR label vary from product to product as well as region to region. Air conditioners are standardized for all the United States: a central air conditioning system must have a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and EER rating (energy efficiency rating) 15% greater than conventional models. The current product criteria for central ACs to earn the ENERGY STAR logo are at least 14.5 SEER and 12 EER. Beyond this, the system must achieve its efficiency through non-proprietary technology available from more than one manufacturer. In other words, energy-saving performance must be something available to all systems, no matter who makes it.

The U.S. EPA continually revises and updates the ENERGY STAR program to reflect changes in Federal minimum efficiency standards and recent technological advances. When you look at the ENERGY STAR logo on an air conditioning system, you will see a date indicating when the system was approved so you will know how up-to-date it is with current EPA standards.

However, keep in mind that just because an AC has the blue ENERGY STAR label on it doesn’t mean it will automatically be the best choice for your home. There are many different efficiency ratings for products that meet the ENERGY STAR qualifications; to locate the one that will keep your home cooled down as well as energy-friendly requires the knowledge of professional installers.

Call Intelligent Air Services for quality repairs, installation, and maintenance for air conditioning in Georgetown, TX. We are familiar with ENERGY STAR products and will find the ideal one for your home.

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Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Before the Summer and Save

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Summer temperatures in an average are over 90 degrees, with the warmest months – July and August – being closer to 100 degrees. No one wants to find out their air conditioner isn’t working on a 90 degree day. How do you avoid that? Schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Round Rock, TX with Intelligent Air Services right now, while it’s still spring.

Here Are A Few Reasons to Schedule Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance with Intelligent Air Services

  • Your system is ready to go – scheduling your bi-annual maintenance in the spring means your air conditioner is ready to go for summer. This helps your system go into a “busy” season in great shape.
  • Gets you ahead of any big problems – by having your air conditioner inspected in spring, any minor problems that may exist will be caught and repaired before the hot weather rolls in. It’s a lot better to be without air conditioning on a 70 degree day than a 90 degree one.
  • Puts you ahead of the busy summer schedule – spring is a far better time to schedule maintenance than in the middle of summer. While Intelligent Air Services is on call 24/7, the simple fact is that there are fewer calls for service during spring than in summer. Get ahead of the summer crowd and schedule a maintenance appointment this spring.

What Can I Expect During My Maintenance Appointment?

Intelligent Air Services will complete the following during routine scheduled maintenance:

  • Check operating pressures
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
  • Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  • Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  • Check evaporator superheat
  • Check blower assembly
  • Check pressure switch cut off settings
  • Check electrical lock out circuits
  • Check starting contactor contacts
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check thermostat operations
  • Clean and replace filter if provided by customer

How Does Spring Maintenance Save Me Money?

By having Intelligent Air Services inspect your air conditioner before the summer, you are taking steps to:

  • Make your air conditioner more efficient
  • Ensure that your air conditioner works optimally
  • Head off potentially major repairs
  • Repair small problems and worn-out components

When your air conditioner is running efficiently, optimally and safely, you will see the potential savings in your energy bills and in the long run by extending the life of your system.

The warm weather is almost here – don’t wait for a hot July day to call us! Schedule air conditioning maintenance in Round Rock, TX with Intelligent Air Services today and be ready for the summer temps.

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