3 Repairs to Look for Before Air Conditioning Season Arrives

With summer rushing toward us, it’s time to make sure our air conditioners are in the right shape to handle Texas heat waves. Part of caring for your air conditioner is scheduling a maintenance session with an HVAC technician to tune it up. The technician will also inspect the AC to look for any repair needs. If any repair problems show up, you must have them taken care of before the summer arrives so your air conditioning will be capable of making it through the season without breaking down or requiring more costly repairs.

At Intelligent Air Services, we provide both superb maintenance and air conditioning repairs in Austin, TX. Call us today, and we’ll look for these repair needs (and more) in your AC so you can arrange to have the work done in time for summer.

  1. Dirty condenser and evaporator coils: The two sets of coils (one indoors, one outdoors) are vital for the heat exchange cycle that removes the heat from inside your home and cools it down. If either coil becomes dirty and grimy, it will impair the absorption and release of heat, restricting your cooling power. Technicians will need to remove the coils and clean them to restore the AC to its best operating condition.
  2. Low refrigerant charge: The chemical refrigerant that moves through the air conditioner to carry out heat exchange does not dissipate under normal conditions. But if leaks should develop, the refrigerant charge (its amount) will drop, leading to iced across the coils, a broken compressor, and no cooling. Professional repairs will seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant to its correct level.
  3. Failing blower motors: If a blower motor loses lubrication or develops dirt, it will eventually burn out and fail. Maintenance will locate motors with too much stress on them. Lubrication and cleaning can sometimes fix the problem; at other times, the whole motor will need replacement.

Start out the summer right with a healthy AC. First, schedule your maintenance visit, and then follow through on all the repairs necessary to bolster the air conditioner for a long hot season. Call Intelligent Air Services to sign up for our preventive maintenance agreement, and then trust our skilled technicians to perform the air conditioning repairs in Austin, TX that your system needs to make it a pleasant summer.