Common Compressor Problems in Your Air Conditioner

The compressor in your air conditioner helps convert the refrigerant gas to a liquid, which then returns to gaseous form in the evaporator. The reversion from liquid to gas pulls heat from the surrounding air, which a fan then blows into your home. But that won’t work unless the gas enters the evaporator in liquid form, which is why the compressor is so important. When it runs into problems, it can impact the whole system, and you need to get it repaired or replaced by a professional as quickly as possible. Our air conditioning service technicians can provide quick and reliable solutions to such an issue, but it helps if you know what some of them are before you pick up the phone.

Here’s a quick list of common compressor problems in your air conditioner:

  • Blown start capacitor. The start capacitor holds an electrical charge that allows the compressor motor to start up when you turn the air conditioner on. If it won’t function, the motor won’t start and the whole system won’t work.
  • Blown motor. A blown compressor motor represents a serious problem, and you may need to replace the entire air conditioner to get it fixed. Even if the system still runs, it may cause the compressor to routinely overheat, which places a huge strain on it and may result in a breakdown if left untreated.
  • Electrical issues. A lot of problems with the compressor actually stem from the power source, which means that frayed wiring sand similar electrical problems may be the cause. The good news is that wiring is much less expensive to replace than compressor parts, though electricity is still dangerous in untrained hands and you should always rely on a professional to perform the repairs.

Air conditioning repair services in Austin, TX can be performed by the experts at Intelligent Air Services. We understand the causes of common compressor problems in your air conditioner, and we have the skills and experience to do the job right. If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your air conditioner, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!