How Would Preventive Maintenance Help My Air Conditioner?

Spring is the best season to schedule a preventive maintenance visit for your air conditioner so it will be prepared for another Texas summer. This season is a slower one for HVAC technicians, making their schedule flexible, and you’ll also face less inconvenience from having the AC turned off for the short time necessary to inspect and adjust it.

If you’ve ever wondered what preventive maintenance does for your air conditioner and if it’s actually worth it, we’ll explain how this routine service benefits you. Call Intelligent Air Services today and ask about our AC service in Austin, TX that will keep your cooling system in the best condition for this summer and the summers beyond.

How preventive maintenance helps your AC

  • It reduces future repair needs: This is the “preventive” part of preventive maintenance. One of the main tasks of a maintenance technician is to find out where wear and tear in an air conditioner is threatening to cause malfunctions. The technician can make adjustments, tightenings, and perform necessary cleaning to reduce the stress and prevent a repair need. For more serious issues, the technician can point you toward the smaller repairs you can do now to avoid a larger one in the future.
  • It helps avoid breakdowns: Stop for a moment and think about how much work your air conditioner does during a Texas summer. That sort of strain can break an AC that doesn’t receive regular care—and the break will likely occur on the hottest day of the year when the system is pushed to its limits. With a thorough tune-up and cleaning in the spring from a maintenance visit, an air conditioning system has a far greater chance of making it through to fall with zero problems.
  • It prevents energy drain and high bills: Even if an AC operating with a malfunction manages to make it through the summer without shutting down, it will need to work harder to properly cool a home. This higher energy drain will mean a spike in your bills. Don’t spend more on keeping your house cool than necessary; have maintenance keep the AC in prime operating shape.

The Intelligent Air Services preventive maintenance agreement is all you need to keep your home comfort systems—air conditioner and heater—working in peak condition throughout the year. We provide more than annual inspections and tune-ups: you’ll receive premium scheduling to jump to the front of the line, no overtime or holiday rates, and a 10% discount for all repairs. For AC service in Austin, TX, make the intelligent choice with Intelligent Air Services.