Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits in Austin, TX

Chances are that you have basked in the comfort that ductless mini split heating and cooling systems allow for at some point. They have long been favorites in the commercial sector, but recent years have found more and more homeowners taking advantage of all that ductless mini splits have to offer. Trust us when we tell you that this is actually quite a lot. If you are looking for an efficient, convenient way to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, call the Austin, TX ductless heating and cooling specialists at Intelligent Air Services.

The first – and most obvious – benefit of using ductless mini splits in Austin, TX is the fact that they do not require any ductwork at all to keep your home comfortable. This benefits you in a few different ways. Many homes simply are not designed and constructed in a way conducive to the installation of ductwork. With ductless mini splits, you won’t have to worry about this at all. Individual, wall mounted blowers are installed throughout your home. These are connected directly to an outdoor compressor unit via conduits containing power and refrigerant lines. These blowers can then keep their respective areas comfortable without the need for a ducted distribution system.

Because of this design, ductless mini splits in Austin, TX can also help to keep your home comfortable in a more efficient manner. When properly designed and installed, ductwork is a great way to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Of course, it can also be a source of considerable energy waste if not well designed, installed and maintained. By eliminating the need for ductwork, you can eliminate this risk altogether. Plus, the individual air handlers can be controlled independently of one another. This means that you can set different temperatures throughout different areas of your home, further scaling back on energy costs.

To learn more about why you should consider ductless mini splits in Austin, TX, just call Intelligent Air Services. We have the products and information you need to decide if going ductless is the right decision for your home. When we handle your ductless mini split installation, repair and maintenance services, you can enjoy great comfort all year long.