How Does Insulation Help With Heating?

You may have heard before that proper insulation helps keep your home warmer. Insulation can either be installed as part of new construction or blown-in afterward, and maybe positioned around the ducts, in the walls, and/or in the ceiling. The material used may be fiberglass, wool, or a number of other materials which have the ability to prevent heat exchange. The following are just a few of the ways adding quality insulation to your new home can help out your heating system. Call Intelligent Air Services to learn more about a few other home improvements and low-cost heating options in Austin, TX.

Insulation and Your Home Heating

  • Keeps You More Comfortable: Insulation keeps you more comfortable by providing a barrier through which heat cannot escape. Heat moves naturally from a warmer area into a cooler area. So during the winter, heat continuously dissipates outdoors, which is why your home feels so cold. Even if you run your heater throughout the day and night, you may not feel as comfortable as you’d like, since so much of the heat your unit generates does not remain in your home for very long. Insulation allows heat to linger in your home longer so you feel nice and cozy indoors.
  • Lowers Your Heating Bills: Your heating system shuts off as soon as your home reaches the temperature you’ve programmed into your thermostat. Without insulation, your furnace has to run for longer in order to heat your home, which may cause your utilities to soar. Quality insulation can actually lower your heating bills, as your system will shut off sooner; in fact, you may even feel you don’t need it on for much of the day and night!
  • Protects Your HVAC System: When your heating system runs for long periods of time, it can really take a toll on some of the major components. Protect the parts of your heating system from premature failure by scheduling insulation services, allowing you to run your system less often and reduce wear and tear.

Insulation is helpful during the cooling season as well, preventing heat from entering through the walls of your home and reducing the need for AC. Keep your heating and cooling system protected year-round and stay more comfortable by calling Intelligent Air Services. Ask how our professional insulation services can improve your heating today!

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