When to Schedule Heating Repair in Austin

Most homeowners are aware that their heating systems require regular maintenance in order to continue operating at peak efficiency. When is the best time to actually conduct that maintenance, though? Should it be done on a reactive basis, waiting until a problem presents itself? Or should it have a set time interval regardless of circumstance? Read on to find out.

Regular Fall Maintenance

You should actually be scheduling preventative maintenance visits at least once a year in order to keep your heating system in good health. The best time of year to do this is usually during the fall season. There are a few reasons for scheduling maintenance at this time.

In general, the best time to schedule preventative maintenance on any machine is right before you expect to use it more often. This not only ensures that the system is healthy, but prepares it for the increased strain that you plan to put it under. It is no different with heating systems.

Consider the alternative: you wait to conduct heating maintenance until the cold season, or even until your system breaks down in the middle of winter. There is a spike in demand for HVAC repairs during this season for that exact reason, causing delays in response time. At that point, you could be left waiting for days, with no heat, during the coldest part of the year. It’s a safe bet to say that you don’t want to experience that uncomfortable reality. Therefore, it is best to conduct your regular maintenance during the fall.


Along with your regular fall maintenance, there is no reason to wait if you notice your heater acting oddly. Problems with heating systems are always progressive. That is, they start as minor issues and grow into much larger ones the longer they are left alone. Breakdowns don’t just suddenly happen, there is always a smaller issue that precedes them. If you notice odd noises, or your heater short-cycling, or any other unusual behavior, it is never a bad thing to call a professional just in case.

If you haven’t scheduled your heating maintenance this year, or you’re experiencing problems with your heating system, call Intelligent Air Services. We¬†provide heating repair in Pflugerville and throughout the Austin metro area.

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