How Does Heating Maintenance Increase Energy Efficiency?

You know that regular heating maintenance is necessary for your heating system to have a long and healthy lifespan. You’ve probably also been told that a well-maintained heating system is actually more efficient. How does heating maintenance actually increase energy efficiency, though?

Read on to discover the efficiency benefits associated with regular maintenance.

Easing Workload

There are a number of factors that can cause a heating system to breakdown without warning. In most situations, however, you will notice a slow decline in heating efficiency before the unit finally breaks down completely. This is because the vast majority of heating problems are progressive in nature. A problem may start small, but over time it will become more severe and start to affect other systems. A prime example is a refrigerant leak. Depending on the size of the leak, you likely won’t notice much of a difference when it first happens. The longer the leak goes untreated, however, the more your heating unit will struggle to keep up with demand.

Regular maintenance addresses this by preventing small problems from becoming an ever-growing strain on your heating unit. This increases your energy output because the heating unit never has to struggle (by consuming more energy) to accomplish its purpose.

Wear and Tear

Parts that are regularly maintained will last longer. Unfortunately, there comes a point where even the best-kept system will start to wear away from use. The longer you use your heating system, the more its efficiency will decline. It may take a decade to become noticeable, but it will happen. Regular maintenance ensures that these parts are replaced before they ever become a problem. This saves you from the short drop in efficiency between when a problem occurs and when it can be diagnosed and fixed.

The better you take care of your heating system, the better it will take care of you. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your heating system checked, call Intelligent Air Services. We conduct heating maintenance all over the Austin, TX area, including Round Rock, Pflugerville, and surrounding areas. With our help, your heating system will stay energy efficient throughout its life.

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