The Benefits of Changing Thermostats

One of the benefits of thermostats is that they can last a long time—often longer than the air conditioning systems they control. If you’ve had one for many years, congratulations. (Though if it’s an older mercury-based system, you should change it immediately, since mercury is toxic.) The one drawback to a long-lasting thermostat, however, is that it means you may be missing out on some wonderful advancements that can improve your system’s performance and save you a great deal of money in the process. Here’s a shortlist of some of the benefits you should consider.

Smart Programming

Thermostats with smart programming are designed mainly to improve efficiency. By analyzing your cooling patterns and making minor adjustments, the thermostat can shave money off of your monthly cooling bills. Even better, it can analyze the current conditions outside your home and make adjustments for things like high humidity and unexpected temperature spikes. It ensures that your home will stay cool without having to pay any more than necessary in monthly bills.

(And of course, that comes on top of the same simple programming—setting the system to turn on and off at specific times—that you probably currently enjoy with your existing system.)

Remote Control

Some thermostats can be run on remote control like your television set, and that’s beneficial in and of itself. But the Internet has expanded the range of such a notion across the whole world. You can now program your thermostat using an app on your phone, ensuring that you’ll never be bothered if you forget to turn it off for vacation, or if someone’s coming home unexpectedly and needs a cool house when they do.

If these sound like interesting options for you, then call Intelligent Air Services today to discuss your options with our staff!