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Why Use a Zone Control System in Austin, TX

Keeping your home heated in the winter and cool throughout the sweltering summer months is a challenge in and of itself. Doing so in the most efficient, effective way possible adds a lot to the challenge of keep yourself and your family comfortable. If you truly want to take control over the way in which you use your heating and air conditioning systems, contact Intelligent Air Services today. We can help you decide if using a zone control system in Austin, TX is the right move for you. If you use a furnace, heat pump, or any other ducted HVAC equipment, a zone control system can make your home a more comfortable and efficient place to live.

A zone control system consists of a set of dampers which are installed directly in your ductwork system. These dampers are wired to a control panel, and they adjust to temperature demands depending on how you choose to heat and cool your home. By using multiple thermostats throughout the house, you can create different temperature zones. What this means is that you no longer have to heat and cool your entire house to the same temperature. This is a great benefit to homeowners everywhere.

Have you ever wanted to keep your guests in the living room comfortable, but doing so came at the expense of heating or cooling unoccupied bedrooms upstairs? With a good zone control system in Austin, TX, you won’t have to do so any longer. Simply heat or cool those zones you wish to, and adjust bedroom temperatures accordingly when the time is right: before bed.

Not only can a zone control system in Austin, TX help you to cut down on heating and cooling costs, but using one can actually help to make your home a more comfortable place to live for everyone therein. How many arguments have you been involved in or bore witness to regarding the proper temperature settings at the thermostat? When you use a zone control system, you won’t encounter such unpleasantness. This equipment allows different people to enjoy different temperatures in the areas of the home in which they are sleeping, studying, and so on. Make your home more comfortable and cut down on heating and cooling costs by allowing Intelligent Air Services to handle your zone control system services today.

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