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Commercial HVAC Systems Have Unique Needs

commercial-HVAC-servicesWe live in a very warm part of the country and every building in the area needs a reliable HVAC system to stay cool and comfortable when the temperatures start to rise. Most of us think of this in terms of our homes, but if you own a business or manage a commercial space, you know how important it is to keep those spaces cool too. Commercial HVAC systems have unique needs that differ from residential systems, and if your space is going to fulfill the needs of your customers and employees, you need that commercial HVAC system to function exactly as intended. That means using a service for installation and repairs that understands the unique needs of commercial HVAC systems.

What Do Commercial Spaces Need from an HVAC System?

In essence, a commercial space serves the same purpose as a residential space: to keep it comfortable. But there are specific needs that it has that go beyond just being a bigger space. For example, hot air tends to rise, which means that the upper stories of an office building will be warmer on the whole than lower stories. Insulation may be different as well, and a space that has a large number of people in it every day will warm up faster than one with just a few people.

Then there are the specifics of a given business, which the commercial HVAC system is going to have to meet each and every day. For example, computers generate a lot of heat, and if your business relies on them (and few don’t in this day and age), you need a commercial HVAC system to help keep them cool. Stored products are similar, and may require specific temperatures in order to stay good (foodstuffs, for example)

Then there’s the question of changing residents. Many office spaces and commercial spaces will host a number of different businesses throughout their lifetime, each of which may have very different HVAC needs than previous businesses. For this reason, many commercial properties use modular units placed on the roof of the building, which can be added and removed to add and subtract power to the system. Modular units use the same principles as residential HVAC systems, but are much different in design and function.

What Commercial HVAC Services Bring

A commercial HVAC service isn’t the same as a residential service, and that goes beyond simply knowing the differences between specifics types of commercial systems (and their differences from residential systems). It means being able to work after hours and be available for emergency services so a problem with your system gets fixed as quickly as possible. And it means adding or subtracting modular units and making other changes whenever a new tenant occupies the commercial space! That way, the space is always comfortable, your customers feel welcome, and your employees can do their jobs without being bothered by the temperature.

For quality commercial HVAC services in the Austin, TX area, call on Intelligent Air Services today!

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