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What Happens When Your Ducts Are Breached?

It sounds like quite a disaster—a breach in your ducts—and while we wouldn’t go quite that far, it’s certainly cause for concern. Duct breaches are tricky because they’re hard to spot and yet they can have a big impact on your heating and air conditioning system. When you detect them, you should turn off your system and summon a qualified repair technician immediately. The good news is that here in Austin, TX, you have a service that can do the job right. But what happens when your ducts are breached? And how can you detect them so that you can call in a proper repair service? Read on for the answers.

What Happens in a Duct Breach

The causes of duct breaches are numerous. It can be damage from an animal like a raccoon or a possum clawing at the ducts, it can result from a fault seal between two pieces of duct. Or it could simply result from wear and corrosion over time. Whatever the cause, the effects are similar. Either the conditioned air generated by your heater/air conditioner is pulled out of the system, or unconditioned air is pulled in (along with dust and dirt in many cases). As a result, your system needs to work harder to make up the difference, increasing the strain on other components and raising your monthly energy bills in the bargain.

Detecting a Duct Breach

A duct breach can be hard for laymen to detect, though professionals have specialized equipment to do the job. But you can get an idea simply by listening for odd noises such as hums or whistles when you turn on your HVAC system. Breaches can also create warm or cold spots on the wall nearest the breach, and of course if you notice any unexpected rises in your monthly energy bills, a breach may be to blame.

If you suspect a duct breach in your home, call the experts at iNtelligent Air Services, Inc.

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