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Plan for Heating Maintenance Today

A couple of weeks ago, we extolled the virtues of biannual maintenance for your heater: letting it run more efficiently and helping to catch potential problems before they get out of hand. You might be reluctant to do so now, however. The holidays have come to the Austin, TX area, and that means that most households would rather save their money for various festivities.

That’s why we are making it easier than ever to schedule maintenance on your heating system. We believe that the benefits of proper maintenance will help you enjoy the winter more securely, without paying more than you have to for a comfortable home. When applied over time, regular maintenance can even help extend the life of your furnace. That’s why we are offering the following incentives to make arranging for maintenance easier for you:

  • No overtime or holiday rates, which means we’ll fit you in according to your schedule, not ours. That applies to repairs that you may need as well as maintenance services.
  • No trip charge for non-suggested repairs, which means if we don’t spot a larger problem during the inspection, we’ll knock the trip charge off of the repair when it does arise.
  • Complementary refrigerant, in the case of heat pumps and other systems that need it. We’ll provide up to 3 lbs of refrigerant per system with purchase of leak search or required leak repair.
  • 10% discount on all repairs. That applies across the board to any repair jobs you may need during the holidays.

We hope these offers make it easier for you to keep your heater in good shape and stay focused on the other busy aspects of the holidays.

If you haven’t scheduled heating maintenance yet this year, give the friendly pros at Intelligent Air Services a call, and set up a good time!

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