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Why Is My Furnace Inadequate at Heating the House?

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

You may not need your furnace running every day during the winter to keep you comfortable. But when it is running, you want it to do the job you expect—keeping the house warm. If the furnace isn’t up to the task and you’re finding cold spots in the house and the family is complaining about the temperature, you may need to consider heating repair in Cedar Park, TX, or even look into getting a new furnace installed.

We’ll look at some of the possible reasons for why your furnace isn’t getting the job done.

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Are There Any Furnace Repairs I Can Do Myself?

Monday, February 9th, 2015

With so many DIY classes, shows and kits available to homeowners, it can seem like just about any home repair can be handled by doing it yourself.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really true, especially when it comes to whole-home systems like your heating. This is because whole-home systems are complex, electro-mechanical devices that require training, expertise and knowledge for successful repair. The trained and certified professionals at Intelligent Air Services bring years of experience to each and every job, so if you are in need of heating repair for your Cedar Park home, call us today!

Items Homeowners Can Do for Their Heating

There are a couple of things homeowners can do to help keep a furnace healthy. The first is change the air filter every three months. When air filters become clogged, they can cause all kinds of problems for your heating system, so do yourself and your system a favor and change it regularly. Another thing homeowners can do for their furnaces is schedule regular maintenance. Maintenance keeps your system running optimally and efficiently, so it’s important to schedule maintenance every 12 months. Lastly, just stay aware: strange sounds, strange noises, poor performance and sudden spikes in energy usage typically mean a problem has develop with your system. If you see these signs, don’t ignore them; instead, call an expert for help.

So Why Shouldn’t I Repair My Furnace?

If you are still thinking you want to try and repair your own furnace, bear these factors in mind:

  • Mistakes cost money – the whole point of doing things yourself is to save money; however, if you don’t have the expertise needed, you may actually incur more costs by making mistakes as you endeavor to repair your furnace.
  • Safety concerns – your furnace is a powerful appliance, and if you have a combustion furnace, you will be handling highly flammable fuels. Translation: you could get really hurt, so unless you know what you are doing, call an expert.
  • Specialized tools – heating technicians use specialized tools to make repairs; it is likely that you won’t have these tools and won’t have the training necessary to use them.

DIY is great for small jobs around your home, but heating repairs for your Cedar Park home should always be handled by your Intelligent Air Services expert.

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Check Your Air Conditioning Vents

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

It’s not often that people pay attention to the vents from an air conditioning system (which are probably also the same vents used for the heating system). However, making an occasional inspection can tell you a few important facts about your AC, and it can warn you that you either need to have repair work done, or that you need to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX.

At Intelligent Air Services, we specialize in keeping air conditioners running effectively and efficiently. We offer repairs and maintenance to make sure that you receive the best from your cooling system. If you detect problems from your vents, give us a call right away… any time of the day or night.

What to look for in your vents

One of the problems you may immediately notice with vents is an unusual odor. If the smell is acrid, like burning, it could indicate that the motors in your AC are running down and close to burning out; or there could be excess dust along other mechanical parts. Moldy and musty smells are also a reason to worry, since this can mean that there is mold and mildew developing inside the vents. If this is the case, you will need to contact air quality specialists to perform mold remediation.

Here’s a test you can make when check the vent: remove the vent cover, and then reach inside with a digital camera. Take a snapshot of the interior. When you look at the image, if you see large clots of dust, dirt, and lint fibers, then you probably have a bad filtration system in your air conditioner and should consider having a better one installed.

If the air coming from the vents feels weaker than it should be, call for repairs right away. A reduction in airflow can indicate a number of problems with the system: breaks in the ductwork, failing fans, dying motors, clogged filters. None of these problems will simply go away, so make sure you have the experts come to look into the problem and fix it.

The importance of maintenance

You can avoid most of the troubles listed above with regular maintenance that will keep your air conditioner clean. It’s best to schedule a maintenance visit from a professional once a year right before summer, but it’s never too late to get started. Maintenance will keep away unnecessary repairs, reduce stress on the system leading to lower bills, and give your AC a longer lifespan.

Call Intelligent Air Services today to sign our excellent preventive maintenance agreement. This program for heating and air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX will not only tune-up and adjust your system, it also provides you with a 10% discount on all repairs, premium scheduling, and no overtime or holiday rates. Start off the summer with a clean and efficient air conditioner with the help of Intelligent Air Services.

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