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Alternative Types of HVAC System

Monday, January 29th, 2018

alternative-heating-systems.Most people in the area use traditional centralized heating and air conditioning systems to keep their homes comfortable. A furnace generates hot air and an AC cold air—both in a centralized location—which is then blown through the ducts in the house with a fan. They’re inexpensive, comparatively simple, and easy to operate, which is what makes them so popular.

They’re not the only means of keeping a home comfortable, however, and in some cases an alternative system might work better. Older houses may not be able to support the ducts necessary for a centralized system, while larger homes may struggle to feel as warm or as cool as they should with a centralized system. If your home can’t support a centralized system or has experienced recurring problems with its effectiveness, you might want to consider other options. We’ve laid out a few below for you to consider.

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Which Homes Benefit from Ductless Heating and Cooling

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

For many homes in Austin, TX, a traditional centralized heating and cooling system does the job just fine. These systems heat or cool the air in a single spot in your home, then use a fan to blow the conditioned air into all the rooms via a system of ducts. It works well, but it can’t work for every home. Some households would benefit more from a ductless heating and/or cooling system, which installs a number of smaller, independently controlled units throughout your home. Each unit is charged with heating/cooling the air in a single room or section, and each one can operate fully independently of the others. They aren’t right for every home and they cost more to install than centralized units, but some homes can benefit immeasurably from their presence. Which ones and why? Here’s a quick breakdown.

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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Heating?

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Ductless heating systems, also known as ductless mini splits, are a way of using forced-air heating in a home without requiring a network of ducts to distribute the heated air. Instead, ductless systems use a single outdoor cabinet that hooks up directly to a series of blower units mounted throughout the house. The blowers contain their own coil and fan and send air straight into the rooms without needing any ducts at all.

Ductless mini splits are increasing in popularity in new homes for a number of reasons, some of which we will list below. To learn more about the benefits of ductless heating in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas, call the experts at Intelligent Air Services today.

Ductless Heating System Benefits

  • Energy efficiency: As heated air travels along ductwork, it will start losing energy through the duct walls. This will happen no matter the airtightness of the ducts (and if the ducts are leaky, the heat loss can be immense) and makes ductwork a less energy-efficient method of heating than finding a way to bypass them—such as using a ductless mini split system.
  • Zone control: Ductless heating saves energy in another way: it permits you to control which rooms receive heat and which don’t. The different blowers of a ductless mini split system can be controlled independent of each other, so empty rooms won’t need to have energy wasted heating them, which is what happens whenever a central heating system that uses ducts turns on.
  • More space and design freedom: If you are constructing a new home, adding on a new room, or having remodeling done, choosing to go with a ductless heating system frees up a large amount of space that would otherwise go to the ductwork. You will not only have more room, but you will also have greater freedom to design the new space just how you want it.
  • Heating and cooling in one package: Most ductless heating systems are heat pumps, which means they function both as heaters and air conditioners. They provide the same amount of cooling during the summer as any standalone air conditioning system of comparable size. When you invest in a ductless mini split, you are investing in year-round comfort, not just winter comfort.

Ductless heating does not work for some homes; if you already have an existing ductwork system and are not planning on new construction, a ductless mini split may not be the best choice for you. However, if you live in an older home without the room for ducts, or if you are building a new home/remodeling your current one, a ductless heating system is definitely worth your attention.

At Intelligent Air Services, we specialize in ductless heating in Austin, TX. Arrange an appointment with our technicians today to find out how we can make ductless heating work for you.

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Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits in Austin, TX

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Chances are that you have basked in the comfort that ductless mini split heating and cooling systems allow for at some point. They have long been favorites in the commercial sector, but recent years have found more and more homeowners taking advantage of all that ductless mini splits have to offer. Trust us when we tell you that this is actually quite a lot. If you are looking for an efficient, convenient way to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, call the Austin, TX ductless heating and cooling specialists at Intelligent Air Services.

The first – and most obvious – benefit of using ductless mini splits in Austin, TX is the fact that they do not require any ductwork at all to keep your home comfortable. This benefits you in a few different ways. Many homes simply are not designed and constructed in a way conducive to the installation of ductwork. With ductless mini splits, you won’t have to worry about this at all. Individual, wall mounted blowers are installed throughout your home. These are connected directly to an outdoor compressor unit via conduits containing power and refrigerant lines. These blowers can then keep their respective areas comfortable without the need for a ducted distribution system.

Because of this design, ductless mini splits in Austin, TX can also help to keep your home comfortable in a more efficient manner. When properly designed and installed, ductwork is a great way to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Of course, it can also be a source of considerable energy waste if not well designed, installed and maintained. By eliminating the need for ductwork, you can eliminate this risk altogether. Plus, the individual air handlers can be controlled independently of one another. This means that you can set different temperatures throughout different areas of your home, further scaling back on energy costs.

To learn more about why you should consider ductless mini splits in Austin, TX, just call Intelligent Air Services. We have the products and information you need to decide if going ductless is the right decision for your home. When we handle your ductless mini split installation, repair and maintenance services, you can enjoy great comfort all year long.

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