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3 Ways to Lower Your Cooling Costs

July 17, 2017

Summers in south Texas are hot and humid, which puts your air conditioner in the position of having to perform all day every day in most cases. Ideally, your system will be up for the challenge, though in most cases, higher energy bills are inevitable during the summer months. Be careful, however, that the inevitable…

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Get Your Older Thermostat Replaced

February 13, 2017

Everyone wants their heating system and air conditioning system to function more effectively, and to do their jobs without costing more than they should. But replacing an entire system is expensive, and as long as it continues to run reliably, that’s not usually a step that homeowners wish to take. However, HVAC systems consist of more than just the…

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Consider the Benefits of a New Thermostat

November 7, 2016

Thermostats are designed to last for a long time, and they’re usually such a staple in our homes that we hardly think about them except on these rare occasions when they malfunction. But older thermostats might not offer all of the features that new ones do, and while yours may be operating just fine, you…

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Smart Thermostat Tips for Late Summer

August 29, 2016

Summers are always beastly hot in the Austin, TX area, which translates to high bills as your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. By the time we get to the tail end of summer, you may have been laboring under high monthly costs for quite some time. We’re used to paying…

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The Benefits of Changing Thermostats

June 6, 2016

One of the benefits of thermostats is that they can last a long time—often longer than the air conditioning systems they control. If you’ve had one for many years, congratulations. (Though if it’s an older mercury-based system, you should change it immediately, since mercury is toxic.) The one drawback to a long-lasting thermostat, however, is that it…

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3 Features Offered by Modern Thermostats

September 21, 2015

Thermostats are built to last and chances are yours has been doing the job reliably for many years. But even if there’s nothing wrong with it, you might want to consider an upgrade to a more modern version, especially if your current one is more than ten years old. Technology has advanced with thermostats just like everything…

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