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Tips to Keep Cool This Summer in Austin, TX!

Nothing is quite as scorching as a hot summer in Austin, TX. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can keep cool this summer, including the following:

Do-It-Yourself Cooling Tips

Some ways that you can stay this summer you can do on your own without having to make any changes to your air conditioning unit. Some secrets to stay as cool as possible include:

Decrease Energy Usage

Energy creates heat. You can reduce the heat in your home by minimizing the amount of energy you use. Turn off your lights as much as possible and use natural light instead. Also, replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs which use less energy and heat. Unplug electronics at night, including small appliances, gadgets, and electronic devices. Remove as many items from outlets as possible. Avoid using the oven to cook and rely on more refrigerator items or fresh ingredients. Head outdoors and barbecue instead of warming up your home by using the oven.

Use Your Freezer

Your freezer is likely the coldest place in your home. Make extra use of this appliance by freezing extra items like:

  • Bedding – Pop sheets, your pillowcase, or other linens in your freezer to make them feel a little cooler. Place them in a sealed plastic bag to prevent direct contact and avoid odors. Lying on freshly cooled linens can help you decrease your body heat.
  • Water bottles – It is important to stay hydrated during the summer. Drinking plenty of water can help you cool down. Pop your water bottles into the freezer to turn a room temperature drink into a fresh respite.
  • Hot water bottle – Stick this in the freezer to form your own ice pack.

Use Fans

Fans can help make you feel much cooler. When running your air conditioner, fans can help circulate the air. Create a cross breeze by opening your windows at night and having a fan opposite an open window. Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise so that hot air is pulled up and out of your home. Place a bowl or pan of ice in front of a fan to create a cooling mist.

Dress for the Austin, TX Heat

To combat the heat, dress in light, thin layers. You may prefer to wear a dress or skirt rather than hot pants. Light-colored clothing absorbs less heat than darker colors. Cotton is a breathable material and favorite for people living in hot climates like Austin. Open-toed shoes can allow your feet to breathe. Avoid synthetic fabrics that may constrict airflow and keep heat near the skin.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Austin summers can be brutal. If the tips above do not provide you with enough respite from the heat, Intelligent Air Services can help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit or upgrade you to a new unit. Some ways to accomplish this include:

Assess Your Existing AC System

If you are still relying on window air units, we can discuss the many benefits that a new HVAC system can provide. Many customers see the energy savings that these units provide pay for themselves over the lifetime of the unit. We can provide recommendations on a new unit that are suited to fit your needs.

Complete an AC Maintenance Checkup

Our professional technicians can check on your existing HVAC unit. We can tune it up and make necessary adjustments so that you get the most out of your existing unit. You may have refrigerant that is leaking and causing your unit not to operate at optimal levels. We can also examine if your ducts have been breached or filter clogs may be causing warmer air.

For professional and reliable air conditioning services in Austin, Texas, contact Intelligent Air Services today!


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