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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Austin, TX

You enjoy breathing clean, pure air in your home, right? Why shouldn’t you enjoy the same level of air quality in your commercial property, then? When you call the Austin, TX commercial indoor air quality specialists at iAir Services, you can! With the right equipment and services, our team can ensure that you have the highest air quality possible throughout your commercial property. Is your commercial property too dry inside? The right commercial humidifier can resolve that problem.

Perhaps it’s too humid? We can solve that issue with a great commercial dehumidifier. We even offer commercial duct cleaning and an array of commercial air purifiers for you to choose from, so call today to learn more.

The Intelligent choice today makes cents tomorrow. Contact our commercial HVAC technicians today to schedule service in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

Choosing the Right Commercial Air Purifier in Austin, TX

One of the most important parts of ensuring that your commercial air purifier in Austin, TX handles all of your air purification needs is to ensure that your commercial air purifier is the most appropriate model and design for the specific problems you’re facing.

While an air filtration system or electronic air cleaner, for instance, is a great option for most airborne pollutants, they are of no use against biological pollutants such as viruses, mold and bacteria. In this instance, UV germicidal lights may be more appropriate. To learn more about which commercial air purifiers are available to you, contact us today to request an estimate.

Do You Need A Commercial Humidifier?

You probably also operate your air conditioning system throughout much of the year, and air conditioners dehumidify air as they cool it. This can result in excessively dry air, though, spurring a number of different problems.

That is why it is so important that you act as soon as possible. In order to do so, you need to recognize the warning signs of low IAQ. Here are a few to keep your eyes open for. If you notice such issues, contact us to further discuss the installation of a commercial humidifier in Austin, TX.

You may notice that people complain of dry, itchy skin, sore throats or even nosebleeds. All of these may suggest that there is not enough humidity in the air. Also, pay attention to chipping paint, warped wood and other irregularities such as common electrical shocks. Furthermore, if during the heating season it seems like you cannot comfortably heat your building, a lack of humidity may be to blame.

Signs That You Need a Commercial Dehumidifier in Austin, TX

There are a lot of warning signs you may notice which can alert you to the need for a commercial dehumidifier in Austin, TX. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for. Give us a call if you notice any of these issues springing up throughout your commercial property.

Because humid air holds heat much more effectively than dry air does, you may notice that a humid property is very stuffy and uncomfortably hot. Clearly this is not an environment conducive to getting much work done, certainly not in a happy way. Plus, dampness can lead to the promotion of mold growth throughout the building, itself a serious problem. With a quality commercial dehumidifier in Austin, TX, you can resolve such problems before the major ones set in.

High humidity can also lead to wood rot which compromises your home’s furniture or respiratory issues. Regardless of what types of problems excessive humidity in your commercial property is causing, we are the company to call. Let us find the right commercial dehumidifier for you.

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