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Central Air Conditioners in Austin, TX

Central air conditioners are America’s go-to air conditioner for a reason. You’re probably comfortable with a central air conditioner because it’s the system that you’ve had in your home all your life, it has a great SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, and central air conditioners last for a long time in a home, so they’re a great investment.

You can trust our team to match you with a great central air conditioner in your home and provide the best central AC installation and replacement, as well as central AC repair and maintenance services available to you. Contact our team today and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

The Intelligent choice today makes cents tomorrow. Contact us today to schedule air conditioning services in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

What is Central Air Conditioning?

So let’s take it back to the basics… what’s a central air conditioning system? A central air conditioning system works on a split system (an indoor unit and an outdoor unit) connected with a blower fan and an evaporator coil. Your central air conditioner circulates all your cool air throughout a network of ducts.

Central air conditioning is a great option for your home because it’s a tried and true system. Just because this system is widely used here in Austin doesn’t mean that you can go to any HVAC contractor around. We can perfect your central AC installation, central AC replacement, central AC repair, and central AC maintenance in your home.

Inverter AC System: A Variable Option

Inverter air conditioners are a step above any other air conditioning system because they’re able to work on a variable level. A standard air conditioner only operates at 100% when it’s on or at 0% when it’s off and waiting for your thermostat to set the system in motion again. The benefit of an inverter AC is that it can save you money while providing the appropriate amount of power.  

You don’t always have to run your air conditioner at full speed when you use an inverter air conditioner system. If the day is hot, but not absolutely blazing, you can turn on your inverter air conditioner and run it at a moderate speed instead of full blast. Inverter AC systems save you energy, and subsequently save you money.

Why Choose iAir Services for Air Conditioning in Austin?

Choosing a central air conditioner or an inverter air conditioner is ultimately up to your personal preference. No matter what system you choose, you should always choose iAir Services. If you’re having trouble determining what system would be best for you, we can walk you through all the features of each system and let you know what unit we think matches your home needs best. We’re a team full of NATE-certified, dependable HVAC technicians that take the work we do very seriously. If you’re going to choose any team here in Austin, make sure that it’s ours.

You can type "HVAC technicians in Austin" into a search engine and find thousands of contractors at your fingertips in milliseconds, but no team has the experience and expertise that ours does. We’re confident in the work that we perform. It’s why we offer free load-calculations of new installs and 24/7 emergency service calls.

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