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Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance

Intelligent Air Services preventative maintenance agreement includes:

  • Biannual inspections (heating check and cooling check)
  • Premium Scheduling
  • No overtime or holiday rates
  • No trip charge for non–suggested repairs
  • Complementary refrigerant* (up to 3lbs per system with purchase of leak search or required leak repair)
  • 10% discount on all repairs

Cooling inspection includes: 1. Check operating pressures 2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter 3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator 4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge 5. Check evaporator superheat 6. Check blower assembly 7. Check pressure switch cut off settings 8. Check electrical lock out circuits 9. Check starting contactor contacts 10. Check all wiring and connections 11. Check thermostat operations 12. Clean and replace filter if provided by customer

Heating inspections includes: 1. Check burners 2. Check and adjust pilot 3. Check limit control switch 4. Check heat exchanger for any leaks 5. Check flue venting for any leaks 6. Check blower for tightness 7. Check blower motor operations 8. Check temperature rise 9. Check wiring assembly 10. Clean or replace air filter if provided by customer 11. Clean furnace cabinet 12. Check for carbon monoxide leaks 13. Check thermostat operation

* Not available for R-22. Please click here to read more about the laws and regulations regarding R-22 (click here)

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