Common Problems with Commercial HVAC Systems

Building owners and facility managers alike know that one of the keys to a successful property is maintaining the amenities that the people on their property depend on for daily life. When a light goes out in a hallway of your building, you know that you must replace it ASAP to keep people happy and safe. Similarly, when there is a problem with an HVAC system, it necessitates immediate attention.

Any heating and air conditioning system can run into trouble eventually, and the faulty component may create a domino effect in which multiple components begin to suffer. Be sure to call a technician for commercial HVAC repair in Austin, TX at the first sign of problems, including any of the following.

  • No Cooling or Heating: When there is no heating or cooling at all on your commercial property, repairs are definitely urgent. Be sure to switch off your thermostat to prevent any problems from worsening. Unfortunately, sometimes a component of your HVAC system is so damaged that a large portion requires replacement. In other cases, it may just be that a single part is failing. A furnace may shut down because the flame sensor, a small part that detects the presence of a flame, is dirty, while an AC may only shut down due to a small electrical blowout.
  • Strange Noises: The commercial HVAC unit is probably located far away from where people work and shop, so if you hear strange noises in the ducts of your building, you should be alarmed. A unit that is operating noisily is likely also consuming a lot of energy, and may run a higher risk of failing suddenly.
  • Short Cycling: A short cycling system will turn on, only to turn off shortly afterward, repeating this process frequently and never quite finishing its cycle. Starting up a large commercial HVAC unit uses up a lot of energy, so it’s important to repair a short cycling system quickly in order to keep operating costs low.

Only trust your commercial HVAC needs in Austin, TX to commercial specialists, like our team at Intelligent Air Services. We have plenty of experience repairing large commercial systems so you can count on us to restore your unit accurately and as quickly as possible.