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3 Advantages to a Zone Control System

Winter has come, and with our mild weather here in Austin, TX, it’s a good time to assess the state of your heating and cooling system and perhaps install some upgrades. For households with comprehensive duct systems, we often suggest a zone control system, which adds a series of shutters into your ducts at key points, Each shutter has its own control panel, allowing you to heat and cool each room or section of your home separately instead of all at once. There are a number of huge advantages to this system, which we’ve spelled out below.


It may sound like a luxury to set different temperatures in different rooms, but it can actually be quite practical. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, for example, you may want to lower the heat without another family member in another room freezing. Or perhaps you want to keep one room a little cooler than the others to help a computer system run cooler or the like. A zone control system lets you do that very easily.


A zone control system doesn’t require you to change your existing heater or air conditioner, or even adjust your ducts. It simply upgrades your existing system, which makes it relatively easy for a professional to install and can be done in a short amount of time for much less that it would cost to install and entirely new air conditioner.

Improved Savings

The biggest advantage to a zone control system is the simple fact that you can shut off the heat (or cool air in the summer) in any part of the house you aren’t using. Your system will use less energy to heat or cool the remainder of the house, and your monthly bills will go down accordingly. Furthermore, the reduced usage will lower the strain on other components, reducing the risk of a breakdown.

To install or repair a zone control system, call on iNtelligent Air Services right away!

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