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Now is the Right Time for Heating Maintenance

We rarely think about heating systems in the height of summer, with Austin, TX melting under high heat and humidity. But winter will get here faster than you think and while our temperatures are milder than other parts of the country, we’ll still need our heaters to keep those cold nights from affecting us. You can plan for that by scheduling a heating maintenance session with a qualified technician. He or she will check the various components (burners, pilot light, control switches), as well as cleaning off the dirt and gunk, scanning for carbon monoxide leaks, replacing the filter and ensuring that any bolts or screws are nice and tight. Now is the right time for a heating maintenance session, and the benefits will be heartily felt when the time comes.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t strictly a repair session, but it can help reduce the risk of repairs as well as spotting issues that should be corrected before they get out of hand. More importantly, it helps your heater perform more efficiently when winter comes, helping to keep your winter bills low while still enjoying the full benefits of a comfortable home.

The Benefits of Doing It Now

The summer makes an ideal time to schedule preventative maintenance because you have no need of the heater. That lets the technician work without leaving you in the cold and get the system prepped well before you need to use it. That last part is especially important. Imagine turning on your heater during the first cold day of fall, only to find that it needs serious work, or isn’t performing as well as it should. By planning the session now, you can arrange for the time that best suits your busy schedule and cover anything that might crop up before your heater is needed.

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