3 Qualities of Geothermal Air Conditioning

You may have heard about geothermal air conditioning and heating systems, which draw upon the ambient heat in the earth to warm and cool your home. The system runs a series of tubes below the earth, which maintains a constant temperature once you get down below a few feet. The tubes carry a mixture of water and antifreeze through them, which either release heat from your home into the ground (in the summer) or pull heat from the ground into your home (in the winter). There’s a high up-front cost, but the benefits will serve you well over time, especially in a town like Austin, TX, with large tracts of property.  Here are 3 qualities of geothermal air conditioning that you should keep in mind when considering a purchase.


Because the bulk of the geothermal system is underground—away from the ravages of weather and safe from wear and tear—repairs are often infrequent at best. When repairs are needed, they’re usually fairly simple affairs and can be completed very quickly.


The electricity you use for this system mainly goes into the pump circulating the liquid. The actual heat transference takes place with the temperature in the ground, which costs nothing and is infinitely renewable. That means your monthly heating and cooling costs will go down quite a bit, without skimping on the quality of heated and cooled air.


On top of everything else, geothermal energy is extremely environmentally friendly. It uses very little energy and produces no toxic byproducts. That means you can cool your home in a very green way, doing your part for Mother Nature in the process.

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