Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

Austin Energy Recovery Ventilators


Are you looking for a way to get a little fresh air without opening a window? Sometimes your home can feel a little stale or stuffy without fresh air after a long winter or summer with the doors and windows sealed shut and your HVAC system on full blast. The last thing you want to do in undesirable weather is open your window, though—that’s where an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) comes in.

An energy recovery ventilator can recover around 70% to 80% of the energy in the existing air and deliver it to your incoming air. It’s time for you to consider an ERV system if your fuel costs are high and your indoor air quality is low.

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What’s an ERV System?

So what’s an ERV system? An ERV system is a whole-house ventilation system that provides a method of ventilating a home while minimizing your energy loss. An ERV system pre-cools or pre-heats the incoming fresh air depending on the season.

You might wonder, "Well, why does my home need this?" Well, a lot of builders construct new homes here in Austin with energy-efficiency in mind. This means that they’re super tightly sealed so that nothing gets in or out without you knowing about it. This is great for your energy bills and home comfort but it’s abysmal for your indoor air quality. You need fresh air circulating through your home, but you don’t want to open up a window when it’s raining in winter or baking in summer, right? That’s how an HRV system helps you—it brings it fresh air without compromising your indoor air quality or comfort.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Suffering?

Not sure if you have poor indoor air quality? It’s not always so obvious. Watch out for these signs:

  • You’re coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or suffering from watery eyes when you’re at home
  • Your skin, hair, or nails feel dry
  • You have trouble getting warm in winter or cool in summer
  • You’re spending way too much on your energy bills
  • Your sinuses are frequently congested
  • You’re often tired of suffering from headaches

Indoor air quality problems are hard to pinpoint because they often masquerade as common allergy issues or the common cold. Contact us if you’ve read everything above and you’re still unsure if you could benefit from an ERV system.


You’re going to need a great professional team for your indoor air quality services. These are pretty specific services so succumbing to the persuasion of that cut-rate amateur technician isn’t wise. You want a NATE-certified, dependable HVAC technician from our team to fine-tune your indoor air quality.

We have amazing reviews on HVAC sites like Houzz, Angie’s List, and Expertise because our technicians take the time and care that your indoor air quality system deserves.

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