Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans in Austin


Do you ever feel like you can run your air conditioner all day and night all summer long but not receive the relief that you need? It’s a pretty big issue here in Austin because we do face super high temperatures in this part of the country. An attic fan is the best way for homeowners to regulate extreme heat levels in a home while lowering energy expenditure. A solar attic fan, like the Attic Breeze fan, takes this process a step further by making the source of your attic fan’s power renewable and sustainable.

A solar attic fan in Austin can be your home’s saving grace. Contact our professionals at Intelligent Air Services, LLC today to learn more about these systems.

How Solar Attic Fans Work

Think about it—the radiant energy of the sun on your home’s roof can raise the temperature of your attic to 120°F to 150°F. These scorching hot temperatures don’t just limit themselves to your attic though, this heat seeps down into your living spaces below. A solar attic fan prevents this excess heat from entering the living spaces below by pulling the cool air from outside into your attic, and pushing the hot air out of the attic. This keeps your home cooler while helping reduce the amount of energy used to run your air conditioning system.

Your solar attic fan is a step above a regular attic fan because it’s powered by the sun. The sun is a limitless, renewable source that can power your home in a clean fashion. Contact us to learn about your solar attic fan options if you want the best energy-efficiency possible.

Why You Need a Solar Attic Fan

The heat from your attic on a hot day can raise the temperature of your home by about 10°F or more. 10 degrees might not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of an entire home, but it’s often the difference between your air conditioner switching on or remaining stagnant.

If you’re trying to reduce your home’s energy bills, increase your home comfort, or just reduce your home’s reliance on your air conditioning system, you need a solar attic fan.


Installing a solar attic fan is a tricky service. You can’t just go to any HVAC contractor for your Austin solar fan services. We understand how to configure and install these systems so that they always work efficiently and provide you with the best service possible. You don’t have to swelter in a hot home for a single day longer. We’re here for you when you need us.

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