3 Reasons to Call Emergency Repair

A good repair service knows that you can’t limit breakdowns to the working day, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency service to homeowners throughout the greater Austin TX, area. But many homeowners would prefer to hold on until morning (or Monday) to get their system repaired. In some cases, that’s the smart call, since you might very easily be able to simply shut your system off and wait it out. But in other cases, calling in an emergency service may be the only prudent thing to do. Here are 3 specific reasons to call for emergency repairs for your HVAC system.

1. It’s a Question of Health

If you have family members prone to poor health, then losing your air conditioner during a heatwave, or your heater during a cold front can be disastrous. In particular, infants and the elderly can be vulnerable to temperature extremes, as can people with lowered immune systems. If there’s a question about your family’s health, then you should always call in an emergency repair service.

2. Comfort Levels Matter

While it might not be a matter of life and death, your household comfort levels can have a detrimental impact on your job and other important things. For instance, if a breakdown in the middle of the night means you can’t sleep comfortably, it might be beneficial to get the problem fixed immediately, instead of showing up at work the next day tired and out of sorts.

3. The Wait Is Too Long

If you have a breakdown and can hang in there for a few hours until regular business hours, then you should probably sit tight. If it’s going to be a few days, however—such as a breakdown that takes place on a weekend—then an emergency call may be in order.

Intelligent Air Services offers 24-hour emergency AC service, so call on us today!