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Sometimes a standard central air conditioning system isn’t an option for a home. That doesn’t mean that you can get through a summer with a few fans and several carefully placed window units though—It’s not enough for our hot weather! If you’re looking for another way to cool your home, you can try an evaporative cooler for your needs.

An evaporative cooler works a little differently than other air conditioning systems because it lowers the cooling temperature by drawing your home’s air over a cooling pad. We can cover your evaporative cooler system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

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What’s an Evaporative Cooler?

An evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) is an alternative indoor cooling system. Instead of using a standard refrigerant-based air conditioning system, an evaporative cooler uses the process of evaporation to lower the temperature of your air. Your evaporative cooler draws air into the cooler, passes it over the water-saturated pad, and then loses all the heat in the system.

Evaporative coolers run on electricity just like other air conditioning systems, but the electricity in this system only powers the pump and fan so it’s about 1/8th of the cost of operating a standard air conditioning system. You can contact us for all your evaporative cooler needs.

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The Benefits of Installing an Evaporative Cooler

So how does an evaporative cooling system benefit your home?

  • They’re Eco-Friendly: Refrigerated air uses chemicals during operation that make their way into your home’s environment and the atmosphere. If you’re worried about keeping our climate in Austin stable, you can opt for this system that uses water as its cooling source.
  • Minimal Operational Cost: A swamp cooler will decrease the operational costs that you have to pay. On average, homeowners end up paying around 50% less in operational costs each month. Make sure you consider one of these systems if you’d like to save money while staying cool.
  • Easy to Maintain: Evaporative coolers are incredibly effective but simple in design. These systems are much easier to maintain because there aren’t many moving parts you have to worry about keeping in great shape.

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