Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner in Austin, TX

Although summer is coming to a close, you can expect to use your home’s air conditioning system throughout the year in Texas. If your current air conditioner is showing signs that it may be approaching the end of its service, there is never a bad time to have it replaced: a hot day can surprise you at any moment.

But how can you tell that your old AC is close to failing, or that it no longer is worth the cost of keeping it running? There are a number of signs to look for, some obvious and some not, that will signal that the time has come to retire your air conditioning system and install a new one.

You should always look for a professional opinion, however. Call an experienced company, like Intelligent Air Services, for the help you need to make the choice about your air conditioner. Our technicians will determine the best path to take, and then handle whatever work you need to be done to cope with the Texas heat.


  • Rising bills with no sign of relief: Always keep a close watch on your electrical bills during times of the year when your air conditioner frequently runs. You should have a good idea of how much you pay a month. If this amount starts to rise steadily, and no amount of maintenance or repairs does anything to reverse it, then your AC is likely past the point where its worn components can work efficiently. Call technicians to help you make a choice about how to proceed.
  • Excessive repair needs: Air conditioners require the largest number of repairs during the last two years of their service lives, so when you start calling for technicians on a regular basis to keep your cooling system working, it’s probably time for a new AC. Look over your repair bills for the last year, and if they exceed $500, you are spending too much to keep the air conditioner limping on.
  • Noisy operation: As the parts of an air conditioner age, they will start to make more racket doing their job. This is especially true of the motors and the compressor. When you hear grinding, groaning, and shrieking noises from the system every time it runs, has technicians investigate the situation to see if it’s a sign that the AC is too old to work well any more.

Although an air conditioner that is past its prime may continue to provide you with an adequate level of cool air, it will continue to waste energy and cost you money. In these cases, it’s almost always less expensive to replace the aging AC with a new, efficient system.

At Intelligent Air Services, we specialize in replacing air conditioners with new units that will keep homes cooled for many years. Make us your first choice when you need a new air conditioner in Austin, TX.