Why Waiting to Repair Is a Bad Idea

You hear a clunking sound, or smell something a little funny, coming from your air conditioner. But from what you can see, it’s still running fine – until it doesn’t.

Air conditioners, like other mechanical devices, are pretty good at giving signs and signals when problems develop. However, it can be very tempting to ignore these signs when your AC appears to operate normally. Waiting to repair your air conditioning is a bad idea for a few reasons that we’ll explain below, but remember: always call for a professional, like the ones at Intelligent Air Services, whenever you suspect something is wrong with your AC.

Waiting on Repairs Is a Bad Idea

Here are a few reasons to consider picking up the phone sooner rather than later when it comes to repairing your air conditioner:

It won’t get better on its own

We’d love to tell you that air conditioners self-repair; actually, we’d love to invent a self-repairing air conditioner, and then sell it, but neither of these scenarios is going to happen. Typically, a problem not only doesn’t repair itself, but it can also become worse and more costly.

It may cause more damage if left unrepaired

This is especially true for components that can get loose and bang around your system, like bent or loose fan blades and motor mounts. It’s also true for worn wiring: wiring that is frayed or corroded can interfere with the flow of electricity to certain components, leading to shorts and breakdown.

It can cost you more as time goes on

Malfunctioning parts tend to have a cyclical effect on closed systems like your air conditioner: once one part starts to malfunction, the entire system becomes stressed. This added stress can make other parts malfunction. At some point, you may have a lot more to repair, and as such, a lot more to pay for, by the time a trained technician arrives at your door.

Don’t Wait – Call and Schedule HVAC Service Immediately

Waiting won’t make a pending repair better, and will most likely make it worse. If you are seeing the signs that your air conditioner may need repair, call the people you can trust: Intelligent Air Services. Call and schedule air conditioning repair service in Lakeway, TX with us today!

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