Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Austin, TX Right for Me?

It is a sad fact that heating and cooling our homes seem to only get more and more expensive each season. Because of the rising trends we see in fuel prices, many homeowners are looking for more efficient ways in which to keep comfortable throughout the year. One great way of doing so is to use a geothermal heating and cooling system in Austin, TX. With the right geothermal heating and cooling system, you can cut heating and cooling costs without sacrificing any of your comforts. Contact Intelligent Air Services today if this is a goal that intrigues you.

How you may wonder, is a geothermal heating and cooling system able to both heat and cool your home, let alone so efficiently? The secret lies in the heat transfer process that geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize. During the summer months, a geothermal heat pump will act in much the same way that a traditional air conditioning system does. Heat is removed from the air in your home, and that cooled air is then sent back throughout the house via a system of ductwork. The difference is, by reversing this operational process, a geothermal system in Austin, TX can use existing heat in order to warm your home up in the winter.

A geothermal heat pump uses a geothermal loop system to absorb heat from beneath the ground, where temperatures are fairly constant. The antifreeze solution within this loop system makes its way to the heat pump, where the heat is transferred to the refrigerant therein. Because drops in temperatures do not affect heat beneath the ground as much as they do the air, geothermal heating and cooling systems are even more reliable than air source heat pumps. Needless to say, only a skilled professional can handle your geothermal installation in Austin, TX. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more.

Whether you want to save some money when heating and cooling your home or if you want to do so in a more environmentally friendly manner, a geothermal system in Austin, TX is a great option to consider. Intelligent Air Services is the company to call with any questions you may have. Let us help you decide if going geothermal is the right choice for you.