What Does the Energy Star Logo Mean on an Air Conditioner?

When you look over an HVAC system, from an air conditioner to a boiler, you may notice a blue logo on its cabinet with the name ENERGY STAR. This isn’t a commercial brand name: it’s an important notification to you, the consumer, that the unit meets government specifications for saving energy and assisting the environment. When it comes to choosing a new air conditioner system, the ENERGY STAR label is a key qualification that should factor into your decision about which model to have installed in your home.

At Intelligent Air Services, we’re familiar with many different models and brands of ACs, as well as the requirements for one to earn the ENERGY STAR logo. For your new air conditioning installation in Georgetown, TX, trust our experienced staff to help you navigate the crucial specifications so that you end up with a system that will not only keep you cool but will maintain lower utility bills as well.

The U.S. ENERGY STAR program

ENERGY STAR (which is always capitalized) is a voluntary program created and managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to guard the environment and help homeowners and businesses save money. The EPA initiated the program in 1992 under the authority of the Clean Air Act to boost the energy performance of products and buildings through a voluntary labeling system that indicates a product that meets standards the EPA sets for energy efficiency.

The minimum requirements for the ENERGY STAR label vary from product to product as well as region to region. Air conditioners are standardized for all the United States: a central air conditioning system must have a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and EER rating (energy efficiency rating) 15% greater than conventional models. The current product criteria for central ACs to earn the ENERGY STAR logo are at least 14.5 SEER and 12 EER. Beyond this, the system must achieve its efficiency through non-proprietary technology available from more than one manufacturer. In other words, energy-saving performance must be something available to all systems, no matter who makes it.

The U.S. EPA continually revises and updates the ENERGY STAR program to reflect changes in Federal minimum efficiency standards and recent technological advances. When you look at the ENERGY STAR logo on an air conditioning system, you will see a date indicating when the system was approved so you will know how up-to-date it is with current EPA standards.

However, keep in mind that just because an AC has the blue ENERGY STAR label on it doesn’t mean it will automatically be the best choice for your home. There are many different efficiency ratings for products that meet the ENERGY STAR qualifications; to locate the one that will keep your home cooled down as well as energy-friendly requires the knowledge of professional installers.

Call Intelligent Air Services for quality repairs, installation, and maintenance for air conditioning in Georgetown, TX. We are familiar with ENERGY STAR products and will find the ideal one for your home.