Are Bad Ducts Ruining Your Air Conditioning?

As spring deepens and summer grows nearer, the Austin air conditioning season will kick in. You can expect your home’s air conditioner to perform steady work during the months to come. If you have kept the AC in excellent shape through routine annual maintenance (something you should schedule each spring), then it should provide you with few issues during the season and deliver you energy-efficient performance.

However, if you have ineffective or damaged ducts connected to your AC, you may be harming your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency. If you notice that your AC is losing airflow, creating hot spots around the house, or is sending out musty smells from the vents, contact indoor air quality professionals right away to see if the ductwork requires repairs.

The trouble with ductwork and your air conditioner

Unless you have a ductless air conditioning system, your AC uses a network of ducts to distribute cooled air around the house. These ducts must retain an airtight seal along their length, or it will result in air pressure dropping inside the ventilation system. This will cause trouble for your air conditioning system since it will force it to work harder to overcome the loss in air pressure. It will also allow warmer outdoor air into the ducts, raising the temperature of the air. You can end up paying 20%–30% more on your cooling bills because of this damage—and the air conditioner’s lifespan will be shortened.

If you are uncertain if poor ductwork is causing issues with your air conditioning, call on professionals to perform duct testing. This service changes the pressure inside your ducts and uses gauges to see how rapidly it loses pressure. The faster the pressure drops, the more holes are in the ventilation system. The professionals can arrange for duct sealing that will make the air conditioner regain its efficiency once more.

Don’t delay if you have even the slightest concern about the integrity of the ductwork. The problems will only worsen and cost you both a loss of comfort and an increase in energy bills.

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