3 Reasons Not to Wait for Air Conditioning Repair

We’re in the middle of August, which marks the final stage of summer cooling season before Austin, TX segues into fall. That means your air conditioning system will likely be put to more use than ever, and with months of steady work already behind it, it means a greater chance of problems developing. When a major issue arises—something bad enough to halt the system in its tracks—you naturally want to get it repaired as quickly as possible. But when the damage isn’t so bad—when it’s not enough to stop the system from cooling your home—then many people have a tendency to wait on repairs, figuring they can schedule it after the weather cools down a bit. This can be a gigantic mistake. Here are 3 reasons not to wait for air conditioning repair, no matter how close to the end of summer it is.


Sure, your system may still be functioning, but it won’t function the way it should. That means you’ll likely need to put up with less cool air, lowered airflow, longer wait times for the house to cool down and even the system shutting off and on at inappropriate times. Even a mild nuisance shouldn’t have to be endured for weeks until the weather cools.


The main concern about ignoring a repair issue is that it’s bound to cascade eventually, as greater strain and reduced efficiency take its toll on the rest of the system. Instead of dealing with a comparatively minor repair, you may be looking at a full-bore breakdown: costing you the use of the air conditioner and demanding a much higher repair bill to boot.


Even if the system doesn’t break down, a repair issue means reduced efficiency, which translates to higher monthly bills for as long as the issue remains unaddressed. August is the worst time to add such unnecessary costs to your energy bills.

If you spot the signs of air conditioning problems, turn off your system and call Intelligent Air right away!