Signs It’s Time for Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial heating isn’t actually that different from home heating in terms of construction and operation. The basic mechanisms are the same, it’s just the scale that is different. As such, many of the signs that indicate a need for repair in a home heating system can be found in commercial heating systems as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that it’s time for commercial heating repair so that you know when to call a professional.


Commercial heating systems will often make a lot of noise during operation. They’re large machines, after all, tasked with moving a lot of air over a large area. However, there are a few noises that indicate a problem with your commercial heating system. A grinding noise is a common signal that your air handler motor is in trouble. The motor is equipped with bearings to decrease the strain and stress that it is put under every time the heater turns on. As the bearings wear down, the strain on the motor increases. Eventually, the motor will overheat and burn itself out if the bearings aren’t replaced.

A booming sound is also problematic, as it is often a sign of a misfiring burner. This is usually caused by carbon buildup from the combustion process. If not addressed, the buildup could eventually prevent the burner from igniting at all.


Heating bills are always going to be slightly different from month to month. However, if your heating bill starts consistently rising from month to month then you may have a problem. This could be caused by any number of factors, but the most common is simply an accumulation of wear and tear. As parts start to wear down, they will gradually start to lose efficiency. This will lead the system to work longer and longer to accomplish the same heat output, contributing to higher heating bills. Replacing the worn down parts should fix the issue.

If your commercial heating system is having issues, call Intelligent Air Services. We provide commercial heating repair throughout Austin, TX.