Common Electric Furnace Repairs

Electric furnaces have become a popular choice with homeowners over the last few years, in part because of their high energy efficiency and somewhat longer lifespan.

But as with any other heating system, an electric furnace will most likely need some kind of repair at some point. Because of the way they work, there are a couple of electric furnace repairs that are specific to an electric unit. The experts at Intelligent Air Services can handle any kind of furnace repair, whether electric or combustion, so call us when you are in need of heating repair in Lockhart, TX.


Electric furnaces generate heat by a component known as a heating element. This element consists of multiple tightly-wound metal coils that generate heat when electrified. When the air around the heating element reaches the correct temperature, the furnace’s blower turns on and pushes this air into your home’s living spaces via the ductwork.



With an electrical furnace, it isn’t uncommon for one of the repairs to be electrical in nature. Sometimes coils in the heating element can malfunction, or the heating element itself malfunctions. The heating element turns on in a sequence, and sometimes this sequence can become problematic. Tripping breakers can occur when there is a short in the system and the furnace draws too much power.

The Blower

The blower assembly has a number of moving parts, including the fan itself, the motor and the fan belt. There is also a ball bearing that helps keep the fan and motor in motion and safety switches that monitor the fan’s operation. Common issues that can develop with the blower assembly are worn fan belts, electrical or operational problems with the motor and bent or lose fan blades.

Low Air Flow

The top reason for low airflow in any furnace is a dirty air filter, and this is true for electric furnaces, too. Clogged air filters restrict the airflow, which can decrease the volume of air reaching your living spaces. Low airflow can also be attributed to issues with the fan.

Your electric furnace needs to supply heat to your entire home, so unless you are an expert, it’s best to leave all heating and furnace repairs for your Lakeway, TX home to the specialists at Intelligent Air Services.