How Can I Tell I Need Heating Repair?

Considering our mild winters here in Austin, TX, it can be tough determining when your heater is in need of repairs. Obvious signs like an inability to turn it on are easy enough to diagnose—but not all symptoms are so clear-cut. If you can spot those smaller symptoms, you can get an early jump on the problems they represent, and hopefully save yourself hassle and money in the bargain.

How can you tell you need heating repair? Here are a few telltale signs.

  • Low Heat: No heat is fairly obvious, but sometimes a furnace can generate some heat without it being as hot as you’re accustomed to. Clogged burners, low airflow and other possible causes can lie at the bottom of it, but until it’s fixed, your heater will work harder to do its job and your monthly bills will go up.
  • Low Air Flow: Perhaps there’s plenty of heat coming from the system, but not a whole lot of airflow. The results are the same: increased strain on the system as it works harder to do its job and higher bills that quickly follow. Furthermore, the trapped air in your furnace could cause other components to overheat.
  • Strange Noises: Noises are an obvious sign of a problem. Anything that you don’t recognize as an ordinary part of the system constitutes a strange noise: hums, buzzes, grinding, clanging, or the like.
  • Higher Bills: If you’ve noticed, many of the above symptoms result in higher bills. In fact, higher bills themselves could be a symptom of a problem: indicating a hidden component using more energy than it should because of some issue. If your bills go up even though you haven’t used your heater more than normal, it’s a sign of something wrong.

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