Why Should I Install a Zone Control System?

You may have heard of ductless air conditioning systems, which establish multiple units throughout your house and allow you to adjust the temperature in each section individually, as well as turning off the air in parts of the home that aren’t being occupied. Those are attractive features, especially in Austin, TX, where summers get hot and a little flexibility with your air conditioner can come in handy.

But if you own a perfectly functional centralized air system—cooling the air in a single location before plowing it through the home via a system of ducts—then simply replacing it with a ductless system may be more than those benefits are worth. The solution? Zone control systems: the perfect way to bring the convenience of a ductless air conditioner to an existing centralized system.


A zone control system is designed to be installed in your existing ducts by a trained technician. They divide your ducts—and therefore your home—into individual sections, marked by valves and shutters that can shut off the flow of air to each section. Individual thermostats and controls are on hand to let you open and close the valves as you wish, shutting the air off if you aren’t using the space and tweaking the temperature to suit individual tastes.


Besides the more passive benefits of greater control—preventing family members from bickering about the temperature in different parts of the house—a zone control system can do wonders for your cooling bills. By shutting the air off in parts of the home, you can reduce the strain on your system and prevent it from wasting energy in unnecessary cooling. Not only does that lower your monthly costs, but it can extend the life of your air conditioner considerably.

Zone control systems work best in larger homes and there are other factors to consider before scheduling an installation. Call Intelligent Air Services to set up a consultation with a trained professional!