How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Having Problems

Austin, TX bakes every summer amid high heat and staggering humidity levels. We need our air conditioning systems to function every time we turn them on, and when problems arise, they need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The good news is that there are many qualified service technicians in the Austin, TX area to fix any issues with your system. But before they can come in, you need to spot the signs that something is wrong. Air conditioners are delicate devices and experience numerous different types of problems. But a few common symptoms tend to appear over and over again, and if you spot them, you can help fix the problem before it gets much worse.

  • Strange Noises. This can include any noise that isn’t a part of your air conditioner’s regular functions: buzzing, whirring, groans, clanking, or even sounds of dripping liquid.
  • Low Air Flow. If the air isn’t coming out of your vents with the same power that you’re accustomed to, there may be a blockage somewhere affecting it. Or it could mean that the fan or fan motor is experiencing trouble, or that a breach has opened up in the ducts.
  • Less Cool Air. The air might be blowing at full blast, but if it isn’t cool, or at least not as cool as it should be, it is a sign of a big problem. Possible causes can include low refrigerant, compressor issues, or warm air leaking in through a duct breach.
  • Higher Bills. Sometimes, there’s no apparent issue on the surface, but a quiet problem is forcing the system to use more energy than it should. When that happens, you’ll see a spike in your monthly energy bills, even if you’re not using the air conditioner any more often than normal.

Whenever you detect problems with your air conditioner, turn off the system and call the friendly professionals at Intelligent Air Services right away.