Get Your Heater Ready for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is here, and Christmas will be here before you know it. Here in Austin, TX, homeowners are preparing food and getting ready to welcome friends and relatives over for the holidays. The last thing you need to worry about is a heating system experiencing problems or even one that isn’t as efficient as you might like. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance session for your heater this year, now is the ideal time to do it, before your relatives descend and the madness of the holidays makes scheduling such a session difficult in the extreme. A maintenance session is the best thing to get your heater ready for the holidays: improving its efficiency and letting you spot any problems before they force a shutdown. That helps you save money in the long run on more effective energy use and smaller repair bills when they come up.

More specifically, here’s a brief list of what such a session entails.

  • Cleaning: The technician will clean the dust off of any components that need it, as well as unclogging burners that might be stopped up with gunk.
  • Lubricating: The technician will lubricate any moving parts to reduce friction and improve efficiency.
  • Replacing: If the filter is clogged and dirty, the technician will replace it, as well as replacing any worn bolts, screws, and seals.
  • Tightening: Speaking of bolts and screws, the technician will tighten any loose components to prevent them from rattling or shifting in their housings.
  • Ignition and Gas Lines: The technician will check the ignition system for any serious problems, as well as carefully examining the gas lines for any leaks
  • Running the System: Finally, the technician will run the system for 15–20 minutes, checking for any potential problems and ensuring that everything works the way it’s supposed to.

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